Oct 20, 2020

36 mins

372 pics

We're introduced to sexy Ally Cooper here as she tries on her new bra and panties in the bedroom, and we see just how sexy that body of hers is...and how amazing she feels in her new underwear, her sexual energy is irresistable! She has those large firm full 32DD breasts and a super cute butt, which she is very understandably proud of...and we get to see every inch here today. Soon she slips out of the panties and spreads on the bed, using her fingertips to rub her clitoris...just like she had been doing in a public dressing room earlier when she tried on those panties, but this time there's nobody to interrupt her as she brings herself to orgasm! Out on the deck overlooking a public street we see her nude on a stool, spreading her legs and fucking her hairy pussy with a glass dildo as the breeze cools her skin. Heading out to a boat in the yard we see her nude in the captain's chair, fantasizing about driving it around on the water naked! Speaking of water, she takes a quick skinny dip in the pool to cool off a little on such a hot day, then we see her relieving herself with a quick pee session on a spiral staircase. Back indoors we see some kinky play with ping pong balls as she stuffs three of them inside her hole and then pops them out! Finally it's time to head to the beach and we see her walking on the sand, stripping down naked and putting on her sexy green bikini before splashing around in the waves and flashing those big boobs one last time. To finish things off we see her rinsing off in the shower back at the house, enjoying the water as it cleans the sand from her skin for a relaxing finish to a fun day of shooting here for FTV MILFs with this busty, beautiful woman.


Oct 13, 2020

60 mins

457 pics

Stunning petite Spencer comes walking up in her sexy sheer red dress in a public park and gives us our first look at her perfect pair to start off this hot shoot in Florida, and we immediately note her beauty as well as her adventurous spirit! We see her climbing a tall wooden tower for a nice view, and she gives a nice view of those perfectly-shaped breasts and her cute fit butt too. Next we see her in the car enroute to the next location and she takes the opportunity to rub her very pretty privates with her fingertips...getting to the house she runs to the alleyway to relieve herself with a quick pee session, then heads up to the rooftop in her bikini to soak up some sunshine. Slipping out of her bikini bottoms we see her shaking that very shapely booty, then playing with her labia before using a vibrating toy on her privates...and then trading up to a larger magic wand vibrator bringing herself to a strong orgasm! To avoid the rain she heads indoors, changing into her workout gear and heading to the gym to do some squats, keeping that butt in shape. By the time her workout was done the rains had stopped, so we next see her in her red dress back out in public flashing those perfect boobs by the river...and then heading over towards the beach, hiking up her dress and showing off her body - with no panties on! After walking around on the sand we see her rinsing off in an outdoor shower, as cars drive by just a few yards away! As the day draws to a close we see her walking the beach in her swimsuit, doing cartwheels at the water's edge and enjoying the feeling of the cool ocean air on her skin before bidding us farewell...a lovely, fit, petite, and incredibly sexual MILF just entering her prime of life!


Oct 6, 2020

74 mins

252 pics

Beautiful elegant redhead Crystal Taylor starts things off with a bang, putting on some music and dancing to the rhythm in her tight white dress and high heels...and soon we see her stripping down to just those high heel shoes as she keeps on dancing! That beautiful flexible form of hers looks outstanding as she dances nude, spreading her legs wide and lifting her foot straight up above her head. Next we see her lounging on the couch, spreading her legs wide and sliding a glass toy in and out of her glistening wet hole...and then using a powerful magic wand vibrator on her clitoris at the same time, penetrating herself faster and deeper until having a strong squirting orgasm! After changing into her sultry black fishnet stockings, we see this beauty by the piano showing off those amazing legs and cute feet...stretching out her toes and playing with them inside her stockings, a foot-lover's dream. After a little oral warmup we see her showing her flexibility off again, this time doing the splits on top of the large pink suction cup toy...and then riding on top before fucking herself to another creamy orgasm with it! Heading outside to relieve herself we see her enjoying a little peeing session right into a potted plant...and then it's inside for a little lunch as she talks about some of her wild sexual history. Heading to the couch for another masturbation session we see her fucking herself with a gyrating vibrating white toy which pleasures her clit, and she brings herself to another nice climax to finish up the day for FTV.


Sep 29, 2020

114 mins

327 pics

Beautiful Megan is barely into the realm of MILFiness but she feels she has a mature look for her age and wanted to explore that, so she's here on FTV MILFs! We meet her outdoors as she walks around in her cute red dress, enjoying the warm breeze until security came rolling up and requested she stop flashing her butt. Heading back to the house and changing into sexy lavender bra and panties, we see her having some fun dancing to some 80's music, shaking that perfect butt and swinging her long dark hair around. Afterwards we see her enjoying some vibration pleasure, using a powerful magic wand vibrator and buzzing herself to a strong shaking orgasm! Next we see some oral play with a toy as she shows her slow, seductive blowjob technique. More vibration play with the magic wand is next along with deep penetration by her dildo, bringing this beauty to another strong climax, followed by a breast massage as she tweaks her perpetually-erect nipples...and then putting on a pair of nipple clamps - which connect to clamps on her labia - for kinky pleasure! After a topless lunch break (where we hear about some of her early sexual adventures) we see her with a thick glass toy, fucking herself deep and using her fingers to rub her clit bringing herself to yet another orgasm. Heading outdoors by the pool in a blue bikini we see her spraying down a floaty toy, filling up the middle with water and sitting in it for a cool refreshing 'chair'! Her bikini bottoms come off and then we see her sloshing around, using a vibrator with suction action for some fun orgasmic sensations to finish off the day of shooting. She's a gorgeous young woman who is able to show her more mature side, an unusual but welcome addition here on FTV MILFs!

Indica II

Sep 22, 2020

95 mins

320 pics

Beautiful blonde busty teen MILF Indica is back by popular demand! We find her in the living room on the couch squeezing those amazing big breasts together, putting on a very sensual show as the music plays. Her curves look even sexier than in her first FTV MILFs shoot and we see her putting them to work, shaking that big round booty before reintroducing herself properly with some penetration play, sliding her fingertips inside her vagina as we hear the wetness. We see her moving to her glass toys next, though, sliding in two at once...and then a third! After the triple penetration we see her transitioning to a vibrating toy with a small amount of suction, which is enough to drive her sensitive clitoris to a creamy climax. Heading outdoors we see her showing some lactation skills, squirting some breast milk into a jar and then fucking herself with everything she can get her hands on, including a whiffle ball bat and a toy football which she is ALMOST able to get inside! Back indoors we see her giving a flirtatious look in the mirror, then wrapping herself with latex tape for kinky constriction! Sticking a suction cup toy on the mirror so she can watch herself she demonstrates her blowjob style on the toy, staring into her own eyes and deepthroating it with gusto. Desiring some anal pleasure she slides a pink jeweled buttplug inside, showing off those desirable curves before spreading her legs on the floor to fuck herself deep wtih a large pink dildo...and then it's time to get messy! We see her in the shower in white lingerie, squirting herself with milk from a baster...first into her mouth and then onto her panties and on her pink pussy as we go up close. She even squirts it inside her hole, letting it flow out onto the tile before relieving herself for a kinky peeing session. Cleaning up in the shower we watch as she lathers herself up, luxuriating in the water sliding her hands over her breasts and slipping her fingers inside...which leads to some naughty near-fisting! Grabbing a toy she finishes up her day of shooting with an intimate penetration session, sliding the vibrator in and out of her's a very fun day of shooting with a member favorite; this gorgeous young MILF really heats up the camera.


Sep 15, 2020

97 mins

546 pics

Outdoors we meet petite MILF Maria Jade in a flowery outfit...we see her tossing a few darts, then stripping down to show off that tight spankable butt before hopping onto the hammock and pulling her thong up between her lips for a cameltoe. After that we see her demonstrating some of her skills on the dancing pole, swinging around and lifting herself looks like she's had some practice! Heading to the swimming pool we see her getting all wet, splashing around and rubbing her privates while squirting water out and then licking and fucking a big cucumber before showering off to get the sand from her skin, and using a glass toy for penetration play while she's at it. Up in the bedroom she pulls her white bra down, showing those perky breasts and hopping on the bed to pull her panties aside as well. We note her tight slender fit body, and it's clear she spends time keeping herself in great shape...and touching herself with her fingertips, we see her masturbating to her first orgasm of the day, with a mini-squirt! Showing off her purple lingerie we see her in the bedroom dancing around to a little Benatar, then laying back to bust out a magic wand vibrator which she uses on her vagina as welkl as her butt! She's in the mood for some anal play so we see her from a tripod camera grabbing a buttplug from the end table, inserting it and using the magic wand while the cameraman comes in close to take still shots. In the car we have a nice upskirt view of her red panties as Maria and the photographer drive through the rain, and to have a little fun those panties soon slide aside so she can use her fingers and a magic wand toy for some masturbation fun! Arriving at a parking garage, she has some fun with upskirts as she rubs herself out in the open for anyone to see...including showing off her flexibility by getting a leg up above her head as she fingers herself! After a naughty stroll down the public street flashing and playing, we see her on the rooftop listening to electronic music and dancing to the rhythm and even enjoying a quick pee. We finish off with some bonus footage from another angle of the magic wand play in the bedroom from earlier...Maria is a hot and very horny MILF nympho enjoying a rainy Florida day here on FTV!


Sep 8, 2020

59 mins

620 pics

It's a beautiful day in sunny Florida when we meet lovely Hungarian blonde Christina Shine...she's walking through a quite windy parking structure letting those very shapely big breasts out and enjoying the breeze, as well as the attention from cars driving past! She loves to flash her boobs and butt, and once she's near the elevator and out of the wind we see her slipping her panties down in order to finger her hole, enjoying her wetness with her fingertips. Getting a nice between-the-legs view in the car we watch as she enjoys a little relaxing masturbation, rubbing herself with her fingers. After a little lunch we see her enjoying a refreshing shower, then heading to the bedroom to lounge nude on the bed...and then reaching for a powerful magic wand vibrator for some clit stimulation fun! Next she grabs a thick long dildo, sliding it between her breasts for some tittyfucking and licking it up and down before fucking her hole. Heading off to the local beach next, we see her radiant in the sunshine in a very sexy swimsuit, then stripping down to bare all as she walks around on the sand and splashes in the waves before walking off into the sunset...Christina is an absolutely beautiful MILF with a great personality and that Hungarian sexiness right here on FTV!


Sep 1, 2020

99 mins

251 pics

Lovely busty brunette Violet introduces herself by way of a soapy lathered up shower and we're treated to a nice view of that incredible body of hers with fantastic curves...especially those 34DD natural breasts and her sexy round butt! We see her practicing some oral sex on a suction cup dildo, then pulling the toy off the wall to enjoy a little penetration play as she sits on the shower bench. Heading to the living room we see her on the couch next in the nude, spreading her legs and using a magic wand vibrator to bring herself to a nice strong orgasm. After changing into a sultry red dress we see her lounging on a white cushion with her large boobs exposed, and she has a casual chat with the photographer...and then she's handed a foxtail buttplug which she slides inside her butt for anal pleasure, shaking her booty around to make the tail swish! She enjoys another session with the magic wand - foxtail still inserted - before heading outdoors to the swimming pool. She enjoys a quick peeing session to relieve herself, then changes into a purple bikini as she unleashes that perfect pair for a hard breast massage with oil. Moving to a patio chair she spreads and begins to leisurely finger herself with the oil as well, working herself up to a near-fisting as she enjoys the full sensation! Next we see her having a little kinky session with a banana, sucking it and then sliding it between her boobs for some tittyfucking, and then climbing up on the kitchen counter for full vaginal penetration with the fruit! Violet finishes off the day of shooting by cooling down with some nude yoga in the back yard, stretching out and showing off her flexibility...a beautiful, naturally sexy and charismatic young woman excited to show off today on FTV!


Aug 25, 2020

90 mins

451 pics

Gorgeous Latina Angelica starts things off with a little mirror play, staring at her reflection and kissing it to start off this FTV MILFs day of shooting. We hear the desire in her voice as she speaks in her native tongue, and then she continues the fun with a suction cup toy stuck to the surface! We see her showing her oral sex technique, deepthroating the dildo and then heading to the couch to undress and have a little more fun...reach for a magic wand vibrator and buzzing her clitoris until she has a strong natural orgasm! Next she dances up a storm to the beat of the music, taking off her clothes and showing her seductive moves and twerking skills, and wow this woman can shake it! After changing into her lacy lingerie with thigh high fishnets she sits at the piano bench and plays a bit, showing some of her skills...and then showing even more skills in the oral arena of things as she goes to work on the dildo again! We see her going for a ride on top of the toy...and the food delivery guy got quite the eyeful when he showed up at the door, as the window was right next to where Angelica was playing! That doesn't stop her from riding on the toy though and after involving a vibrator in the mix we see her have another nice orgasm. Heading to the kitchen it's like a Stepford Wives scene as she bakes some cheesecake in a bright red housedress, dipping her finger in the frosting...and then spraying whipped cream in her mouth and all over her nude body as well! Fucking herself with a cucumber, this sweet MILF treat looks amazing and we note how erect her nipples become from the pleasure. Heading outdoors to the pool for a refreshing splash, we see her in a tiny bikini which she takes off and stuffs inside - a first time for her! - until it disappears before pulling it back out again and gaping herself. Heading to the shower we see her lathering up and rinsing off that beautiful slender body, relaxing on a bench and sponging herself off before reaching for a waterproof vibrating toy! She fucks herself to one last orgasm for us, then changes into a tiny dress - with no panties on underneath - and heads outdoors for a last chat and tease before bidding us farewell...a stunningly beautiful Latina with a boundless sex drive and an adventurous spirit here on FTV!


Aug 18, 2020

56 mins

316 pics

It's a beautiful sunny day outdoors in Blackpool England when we meet lovely Setina Rose, walking around with the guest photographer on a public forest path in a cute sundress and taking every opportunity to flash her little thong panties...and those perfect breasts as well! Heading down towards a small creek we see her sitting on a rock to dip her toes in the cool water, then undressing completely to rub her privates with her fingertips and talk about some of her masturbation and sexual habits before enjoying a nice hard breast massage. Finding a rope swing we see her giving a nice upskirt peek - with no panties on - as she swings around enjoying the breeze! Grabbing a toy from her bag we see her sitting on a fencepost, spreading her legs and using the vibrator on her clitoris for a little outdoor pleasure...until the batteries ran out! Heading to a cliffside overlooking the Irish Sea we see her relaxing in a red dress with no panties beneath, giving more upskirt looks at her pretty privates as she introduces herself. Heading back to her flat we see her relaxing on the couch in a little silk slip and white panties, then taking them off to enjoy the vibrations of a powerful magic wand toy, and fucking herself with another smaller vibrator at the same time, bringing herself to a strong shaking orgasm, and then another in quick succession! We see her natural wetness afterwards as she relaxes, gaping and fingering and tasting herself, then laying on her back for another go with the magic's an orgasmic finish to a fun day of shooting in sunny England for this fun, energetic, and very sexual MILF!


Aug 11, 2020

90 mins

374 pics

Incredibly lovely blonde Bella introduces herself to us in a black and white polka dot dress, wisely staying in the shade on a sunny and very hot Arizona day...she lets her perky breasts out for a peek and we hear a honk as someone driving by perhaps enjoyed the view! Back indoors for a little AC coolness, we watch as she slowly shimmies out of the dress and lets it fall to the floor. Climbing over a white couch in just her high heels we see her practicing her oral technique on a dildo, working her way up and down the toy with her lips and grinding her nicely hairy privates on the back of the couch! Next we see her spreading her legs and reaching for a couple of toys - we note she still wears her sexy high heel shoes - and using the dildo for penetration along with a magic wand vibrator for strong orgasmic pleasure! Next she chats a bit with the photographer about some of her sexual experiences, before spreading on the couch and using her fingertips and a large white vibrator for more fun! Outside she spins around on a swing in her cute little yellow summer dress, then takes it off to masturbate again with her fingertips enjoying the refreshingly cool mist being sprayed nearby to beat the heat. Some kinky fruit play is next as she uses a banana to fuck herself, using a vibrator directly on her clitoris at the same time...and mushing up the banana in the throes of pleasure! After changing into her skimpy little blue bikini we see her trying some panty stuffing for the first time, using her fingers to get all the fabric inside her hole, and making them disappear entirely! Next comes the size test as she reaches for a truly huge toy, barely able to fit her mouth around the head - and then climbing on top, riding it as deep as she can manage and playing with her clit at the same time. It's a fun and satisfying end to the day of shooting for this young MILF here on FTV, enjoy!


Aug 4, 2020

96 mins

335 pics

Our first look at Indica comes as she dances to her music in front of a mirror, wearing a quite sheer body stocking lingerie number that looks amazing on her generous curves! She's 19 years old (that's right, a TEEN FTVMILFs first!) and her body is looking amazing...and we note immediately that she's got quite a strong sex drive as well. This beautiful curvy blonde shakes that juicy butt, working her body and admiring her own reflection and we get a nice closeup look at her twerking skills. Continuing the mirror play we see her kiss her own reflection, and then squeezing her breasts she lactates all over the glass...she shows her piano 'skills' next, and then shows her oral skills (guess which she's better at!). Next we see her holding a massive toy, the thickest and longest in the arsenal, which is as long as her leg from knee to ankle! First she slides it between her breasts for a 'tittyfucking' session, then pushes her oral limits taking as much into her mouth as she can manage before spreading her legs to fuck herself with it bringing herself to a nice orgasm! Heading outside we see her in a sexy see-through 'chain' bikini that shows those big soft breasts as she talks a little about herself. She demonstrates some lactaction through the bikini and squirts herself right in the face by accident! She sprays some oil on her boobs and gives herself a nice hard breast massage, sliding her hands over her shiny skin...then she squirts the oil on her privates, slipping several fingers inside and then most of her hand for a near-fisting! After a quick peeing session outside to relieve herself, she changes into a cute black skirt with wedges and a white tube top, and when she starts to spin around letting the hem fly up we see she has no panties on underneath as she gives a bit of a personal interview. Back indoors it's a milking challenge as she tries to squeeze her breast milk into a wine's a difficult shot but she manages to get quite a bit inside, as well as squirting it all over her own face! To finish off her day on a kinky note we see her with a selection of veggies, and she tries stuffing until she reaches her size she switches to a vibrating dildo, fucking herself one last time to orgasm. Indica is a beautiful mother with an incredibly sexy body...a little different than usual here on FTV MILFs but a welcome addition!


Jul 28, 2020

52 mins

348 pics

It's a beautiful day for a beautiful return as member favorite London River returns a year later, and we see her in a lovely blue dress outdoors as she's welcomed back to FTV! She pulls her dress up to reveal her thong, then pulls down the top to let those incredible 34DDD breasts out for a peek. After getting changed she heads out to a public hiking trail and meets up with her guy pal, and after going on a stroll together we see them getting right down to it as he pulls her tight workout pants down to caress and grab that juicy butt! Of course those big boobs get plenty of attention as he squeezes and massages them, then she gets on her knees to give him a nice blowjob right there on the hillside in the sunshine. Needing a little more privacy the pair of them headed back to the house, going up to the bedroom where she continues sucking him off while he records from first person POV. We see him flip her back and spread her legs, licking and tongueing her pussy until she has a nice strong orgasm (or two!) and then penetrating her, fucking her deep as she moans in pleasure. We're given a front seat for the action as these two have passionate sex, with his loading up all over those big breasts to finish things off! It's a very hot return for this horny blonde MILF, and she's enjoying the heck out of her day back here on FTV!


Jul 21, 2020

100 mins

282 pics

We get to know beautiful blonde Hilary a little as she drives around town, learning some of her experiences and a little hint of what's to come when it comes to golf! Back at the house we see her dancing in her electric blue dress, sliding off her animal print panties as she moves to the music before spreading her legs for some explicit looks at her privates. She loves to talk dirty and keeps up a steady stream of it as she rubs her fingertips over her vagina, stimulating her clit and getting all wet with anticipation...and she grabs her large black vibrating toy to quickly slide it inside! She slides it in her hole with the second tip vibrating her clitoris at the same time, moaning and bringing herself to a nice strong squirting orgasm! Climbing up on top of the couch we see her sliding her way up, grinding her hips against the furniture and grabbing a dildo to show off her oral skills on...she deepthroats the toy, still talking dirty for us and then lays back to fuck herself with it as well until she climaxes again - multiple times, along with more squirting, as she gets a magic wand vibrator involved! After changing into a sparkly gold swimsuit we see her chopping up some lemons for a refreshing drink, discussing her lube-eating (!!!) habit and then taking her breasts out to squeeze some cool juice on her nipples. A large cucumber is next which she simulates oral with, then slides it up between her pert firm breasts for some tittyfucking fun...then that cucumber goes inside her vagina next for kinky veggie penetration and she fucks herself to another squirting orgasm with it! After showing her form on the golf course for a stroke or two she heads back indoors, getting into some more kinky stuffing fun, this time pushing a golf ball inside her hole...unfortunately her vagina is so tight the ball gets stuck inside for a bit, so we don't see it comes back out despite her efforts! After getting it out, to finish off the day she reaches for a large white vibrating toy which she slides inside for a little extra penetration fun. Hilary is a beautiful, busty blonde MILF with tons of sexuality and a great adventurous attitude, and we get a nice look at all of that here today on FTV!


Jul 14, 2020

44 mins

297 pics

We saw beautiful blonde Alana with her 'boy toy' a few years back and now she's returned for her own solo shoot on FTV! We first see her today at an outdoor cafe in Florida, and we're treated to a little New York accent as she talks about herself a bit. Back at the house she finds an array of toys of varying sizes by the couch and we see her first trying a little oral on one, then spreading her legs on the couch to fuck herself with the toys one by one, figuring out which one fits her best! Up in the bedroom we see her slide out of her bra and panties that she had bought, then hopping on the bed to touch herself with her fingertips enjoying her natural wetness. Heading to the car to drive to the beach we see her slipping off her panties to touch herself in the passenger seat, sliding her fingers over her clitoris and enjoying her wet flavor. Along the waterside in her pretty red dress we see her enjoying the view, lifting up her dress to show off her little black panties and get a nice breeze to beat the heat! She takes off the panties and spreads on a picnic bench, enjoying not only her masturbation but also the excitement of being in public. Next we see her on the beach itself, walking along the sand and losing her dress immediately so she's completely nude in the warm sunshine...she enjoys herself in (and out of) her bikini and then bids us goodbye, before hopping in the car for one last upskirt peek as she fingers herself with no panties on, a fitting farewell for this lovely and very sexual MILF!


Jul 7, 2020

67 mins

299 pics

Beautiful dark haired Taylor Lane is here for her very first adult shoot and is excited - but a little shy - to give it a whirl! She's a true first timer and has a spectacular fit tight body, she's a dancer and loves what it does for her form...and she's definitely willing to share the fun with us! We see her pulling her tank top aside to give a glimpse of those 34DD breasts, and wow they look perfect as she squeezes them together and bounces them in her hands. Heading out towards the swimming pool she admires the view and then gives us a view of our own, taking off her top to show off those big firm breasts! She's never really masturbated out in the open but it's exciting and soon we see her completely nude on the patio chair rubbing herself with her fingertips and bringing herself to her first orgasm of the day...with squirting! Back indoors to warm up, she changes into a shiny gold dress that has a lacy black area barely covering her boobs, and has black high heels on her cute feet. Her privates are still wet from masturbating outside so she gets right back to it, fingering herself at first and then using a glass toy for penetration...and wow she gets so creamy from fucking herself with it, bringing herself to orgasm and dropping the toy on the floor as she loses herself in the moment! After showing off a sexy skimpy bra and panties set she reaches for another glass toy, slowly sliding it across her clitoris and then deep inside her hole. We learn she'd just recently bought a vibrating toy of her own and wanted to try it out for us, and we see her thoroughly enjoying the vibrations bringing her to yet another nice climax...after a little adventure outside on the side of a busy highway flashing those big boobs one last time she bids us goodbye, a gorgeous first timer for you right here on FTV MILFs!


Jun 30, 2020

66 mins

313 pics

Our first look at lovely fit MILF Jaimie Vine comes on a breezy wet day in Florida as she does a little dance on the rooftop in high heels and a sexy yellow bikini and wow, this woman can move! She's shapely and sexy from head to toe but that butt stands out in particular...especially in a tight string bikini like this. Soon her top comes off and she continues to dance in the rain, shaking her body to the music despite some 'wardrobe technical difficulties'. After the song ends we see her sitting on top of the hot tub, spreading her legs and using a vibrating toy she brought along with her...masturbating to orgasm and showing her cute toes too! She even gets naughty afterwards, peeing from her perch. Staying on the roof she reaches for another toy, this one a thicker clear penetration dildo which she uses to fuck herself to another fun climax. Up in the bedroom we see her trying on some new pink lingerie she bought for the shoot - her favorite color - and then using another vibrating toy (pink, of course!) to 'brush her teeth' with and then masturbate in the bed, using the toy faster and harder until having a squirting orgasm! Heading to the living room, we see her hopping into the electric massage chair, taking off her little pink dress and enjoying the compression of the chair as it does its thing...and also using her pink toy on her sensitive lips too, letting the stimulation take her to orgasm again! Walking through a public parking garage we see her fighting to keep her clothes from flipping up in the strong wind blowing through the structure...but then she just lets it fly, and we're treated to some upskirt views as her sexy butt is revealed with no panties on, despite folks nearby hooting and cheering! We see upskirts as she rubs herself in the stairwell and the elevator as she and the photographer head to the car. After a little lunch break we see her in the car, and we have the best view from between her legs as she touches herself with her fingertips for a drive, ending up masturbating to orgasm in the moving vehicle! At the beach (this actually happened earlier in the day) we see her spreading on a walkway and flashing, then getting her feet in the sand and slipping on a skimpy blue bikini before going for a walk as the wind blustered, doing nude cartwheels as the waves crashed nearby. She's a beautiful, fit woman just getting into MILF territory who was excited to have a day of fun here in Florida for FTV!


Jun 23, 2020

65 mins

593 pics

Beautiful dark haired Texas stunner Angelina Diamanti arrived at the car after her flight and we're treated to a nice upskirt view in the car, with those mile-long legs stretched out on either side of the camera. After introducing herself we see her pulling her purple panties aside, touching herself with her fingertips to make the long drive a little more pleasurable...and bringing herself to an orgasm! Arriving near the beach we see her pulling her breasts out of her dress and then lifting up the hem, showing off her vaginal piercing as cars drove past and honked. After walking out onto the sand, she takes off her dress to hang out completely nude next to a wind shelter, enjoying the sunshine on her skin and the breeze in her hair! Back at the house we see her in a short tight dress and skimpy thong playing a little pool, and she loses a wager to sink the 8ball so she has to slip off her panties and show us that sexy butt! After missing a couple more shots she gets completely naked, rubbing herself with the cue stick and getting on the table with her butt in the air, rubbing her clitoris to a nice little orgasm. Relaxing in a pagoda by the lakeside in a bikini we see her with her top pulled down and her big 32DDD breasts out as boats drive past...and soon she pulls her bottoms aside and shows off a piercing which she had gotten at 18 years old...twelve years ago! Using her fingertips she begins to rub herself, holding her panties over as she masturbates to another nice outdoor climax for anyone to see. Standing in her little black dress and high heels she starts moving to the music, dancing in the living room and slipping out of her clothing before laying back on the couch and spreading her legs for more masturbation, this time with a magic wand which brings her to another orgasm. Up in the bedroom we see her in a lacy purple bra and panties set, admiring her reflection in the mirror...and we note she even has purple toenails to match! Laying back on the bed she begins sliding her hands across her boobs, giving herself a nice hard breast massage and then spreading her legs to remove her panties. Reaching for a toy she begins by sucking it, then slides it deep inside her welcoming hole! We note how creamy she becomes as she fucks herself with the dildo, enjoying the deep filling penetration. After one last orgasm it's time to hop in the shower, and we get a nice look at every inch of that sexy body as she rinses off and enjoys the water coursing over her skin. She's a gorgeous dark haired and busty beauty, enjoying plenty of 'firsts' today as she shoots for FTV MILFs!


Jun 16, 2020

57 mins

297 pics

The front door opens and we meet beautiful slender Kennedy Kressler, who had previously shot for FTV Girls over a decade's always a treat to see an FTV alum and this lovely blonde does not disappoint! Soon she's lifting up her top to show her petite boobies with ultra-sensitive nipples, and then flashing her pert butt and tight privates as well. Showing us her morning masturbation routine, we watch as she lays back on the couch and spreads, using her fingers to gently pleasure her clitoris - and we note how immediately wet she becomes! Heading outdoors completely nude we see her relaxing on a lawn chair in the shade, enjoying the breeze on her skin...and she reaches for a large black dildo which she slides inside to fuck herself to orgasm! Next we see her back indoors with a pink vibrating toy, and again we note how wet she is down there as she plays, bringing herself to another orgasm! Next it's time for a little butt massage as she grabs her cute booty and squeezes it hard, spreading open and enjoying a little spanking while she's at it. Next she tries on some jeans and then peels out of them, massaging her surprisingly juicy booty and then sitting back on the couch with the camera on a tripod for a little private masturbation, giving sensual JOI as she does so, bringing herself to one last strong toe-curling orgasm! It's time for a little public play and we get a nice view of those perky boobies again as she flashes other drivers...then stops by the side of the road to feel the sunshine and breeze on her chest before saying her goodbyes. After over a decade it's wonderful to welcome back to FTV this beautiful slender blonde, and she's excited to share all the fun with us here today!


Jun 9, 2020

109 mins

511 pics

We meet lovely blonde Tucker Stevens as she walks through a public parking garage in her striped dress, taking the opportunity to flash as cars drive close by! She's not done public teases like this before, but we see how excited she gets from the risk of it as she reveals her cute boobs and that sexy jiggly round butt. After some posing in the stairwell and on the elevator with spreads and twerking, then it's back to the house for some fun. Feeling in the mood to shake her sexy MILF butt, Tucker hangs out in a bamboo-walled room and does a dance for us in her shiny purple bikini, slowly stripping out of it until she's dancing completely nude! All the excitement has gotten her turned on and to 'cool down' she reaches for a metal buttplug which she inserts in her ass, enjoying the anal stimulation as she is stretched out to accomodate the toy. Using a glass dildo to penetrate her vagina while the buttplug is still in (for some double penetration) and rubbing her clit with her fingertips as well, combine to bring her to a nice strong orgasm! Finding a futuristic looking massage chair ready for action she of course has to try it out, and we see her sitting naked in it and get a bit of a massage, but it doesn't stimulate all the parts she we see her use a powerful vibrator, fucking herself with it and enjoying the sensations until it brings her to another climax! Heading up to the bedroom we see her trying on a new bra and panties set she had brought along, and we note how sexy that round juicy booty is in her thong! Soon she's peeling out of the panties and spreading on the bed, fingering herself and we see how wet she's getting...and then she reaches for an array of toys laid out on the endtable, ranging from 'large' to 'massive'! Starting from the smaller end of the spectrum we see her penetrating her wet hole, fucking herself with the toy and then switching up to the next size. Finally, she grabs the largest toy of all - it's thicker around than her wrist! - and slides it as far inside as she can manage! Up on the roof we see her in a green bikini ready to do a little sunbathing, but soon the swimsuit is removed and she's relaxing nude on the patio chair. Spreading her legs, she starts pleasuring herself with her fingertips and goes for double penetration with one finger in her butt and another in her vagina, then gaping wide! After fingering both holes we see her hopping up on top of the hot tub, spreading her legs and relieving herself right there with a pee session. Changing into her workout gear we see her in the home gym, working on an exercise machine to keep that booty sexy and jiggly...she lifts some weights and then strips down naked, fingering herself on a weight bench and getting wetter and wetter! Walking to the beach she immediately takes off every stitch of clothing, climbing up into the lifeguard tower to twerk and play with herself and then heading to the ocean's edge to splash around in the waves. At a lunch break we hear her talking about some of her naughty experiences in the adult industry, and even see some flashing and upskirt peeks at the table as well. To finish the day we see her walking around the suburban streets, flashing her boobs in a cute white flowery dress and bending over to shake that healthy butt, showing off without caring who might be driving past...and then we see her zooming around on a scooter, flashing and having a blast in public! Back at the house afterwards we see her in the shower rinsing off and cooling down after the long fun day of shooting, then shaving her privates...she's a cute, fun-loving and very sexual MILF ready to have a blast here on FTV.


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