Heather II

Mar 28, 2023

45 mins

188 pics

The busty blonde Heather is back! We're reintroduced to this beautiful blonde on the couch in an elegant blue dress, talking about some of the things she'd like to do in this new shoot...and she's excited to take things to a kinkier level, incorporating some of her BDSM and kink interests. We see her take the top of her dress down to unleash her big shapely pair, pulling her nipples and then rubbing ice on them until they're rock hard from the chill...and she rubs the ice on her panties too until they're soaked too. Pulling the panties aside she reaches for a large magic wand toy, holding it against her sensitive clitoris and laying back until it brings her to her first strong squirting orgasm of the day! Next she grabs a quite thick dildo, licking and deepthroating it for oral pleasure before climbing on top for a nice ride, then she lays on her back for some anal exploration. First she slides a couple of fingers inside her backdoor, then uses the thick dildo to fuck her ass deep while sliding another toy in her vagina for intense double penetration! Afterwards she ventures outside in a short dress, lifting it up to show she has no panties on underneath as cars drive past...and then she heads to the corner of a building where she uses her fingertips to coax another squirting climax. She heads to the backyard and shows off her array of toys, demonstrating her flogging and then putting clamps on her large erect nipples...and then putting in a ball gag as she spanks her own shapely ass with the whip! She's a super sexy, flirty, and newly kinky blonde with a body made for the camera...and we're thrilled to have Heather back on FTV MILFs!

Texas III

Mar 21, 2023

68 mins

213 pics

The day begins with the beautiful German MILF herself Texas relaxing in bed...she starts teasing with her large shapely breasts, speaking in German and English as she tweaks and pulls her nipple. Laying back in the bed she slips a hand in her thin cotton pants, rubbing herself with her fingertips and squeezing one breast with the other hand. Taking a white vibrating toy she slides it inside her hole, buzzing her clit at the same time and of course talking dirty in German too...and she fucks herself to a nice creamy milky orgasm! Next we see her outdoors in chunky heels and blue jeans, sensually undressing and using her fingers to masturbate by the swimming pool - and we're taken right up close to the action for a nice look at her creamy hole. After chatting with the photographer a bit about some of her very sexual past we see her grabbing her favorite toy, the powerful vintage Vibraking! She holds it on her sensitive clitoris as she fucks herself with a long thick dildo, bringing herself to one more nice strong climax! She meets us at the back door to say her goodbyes, it's another fun day with the always-stunning Texas Patti!


Mar 14, 2023

66 mins

219 pics

Victoria is a beautiful dark haired temptress from the UK and we're introduced to her in the bedroom as she shows off her sheer nightie...and that incredible round sexy butt too! She gives a nice closeup look at her ass in beaded thong crotchless panties, then she begins anal pleasure with a small plug which slides easily in and out of her hole while fingering her vagina! She lays back on the couch and reaches for a magic wand toy, holding it against her privates for a nice orgasm...with the buttplug still in her ass. Next it's time for some kinky pleasure as she puts on a collar and leash, 'leading' herself into the room and enjoying a little flogging and paddling fun with her toys - with another buttplug in her backdoor! Reaching for a thick pink suction cup toy she demonstrates her blowjob technique, licking it up and down and then climbing on top to ride it while holding the powerful vintage Vibraking toy up against her clitoris for the strong vibrations...and even fucking herself with the tip of the Vibraking! Heading out to the public park in her tight orange workout gear she tosses some leaves around and leans up against a tree, pulling her shorts down and slipping a hand inside her panties to masturbate to climax for some risky public fun. Heading back inside she gets into the shower to relax on the bench with a suction cup dildo, riding on top and enjoying deep penetration of her hairy pussy! She has a whole array of toys for her hole, fucking herself with one after the next and bringing us up close to gape her very pretty pink hole before saying goodbye...this beauty from across the pond is a kinky, fun, gorgeous woman ready to share herself on FTV!


Mar 7, 2023

49 mins

390 pics

Charming, lovely, sexy Mandy Rae met up with the FTV guest photographer out in Florida and we're introduced to her in the passenger seat, a bit exhausted from her long flight in. She was chatting with the photographer and talked a little about some of her fun sexy history, including some public sex experiences! She lifts up her colorful sweatshirt and reveals an absolutely amazing pair, shaking them back and forth with a smile and then sliding her pants down to show she has no panties underneath...and eventually she's riding basically naked, rubbing her privates with her fingertips! Back at the house she gets in the shower for a little shaving scene, getting soaking wet and using a razor to get her pubic region smooth and silky. She changes into a skimpy thong one-piece swimsuit and heads out onto the patio, masturbating on the bench with a small vibrator and enjoying her first orgasm of the day! Heading over to the hot tub she slips into the water for a nice nude soak, hopping in the outdoor shower briefly and then going back indoors to the home gym. She works out a little on the machine and then hits the kitchen to find a strawberry, enjoying the tasty juicy fruit and then using a large cucumber for kinky veggie penetration, getting her hole all creamy with pleasure! After a quick vape we see her in a clothing store, setting up a small camera in the changing room as she tries on some cute lingerie and dresses. Back at the house she changes into her new red lingerie and then pulls the panties aside to fuck herself with a dildo, enjoying the deep satisfying penetration. Next we see her in a public parking garage in a cute dress, heading to a stairwell to lift up a leg and masturbate with her fingers before heading to the beach. It's a windy day but she's enjoying the outdoor exposure as she gets changed right out in the open, then she goes splashing nude in the chilly waves. Mandy is a slender, busty, beautiful woman with a HUGE sex drive and she's been a treat to share the day with out in Florida for FTV MILFs!


Feb 28, 2023

70 mins

158 pics

Soft-spoken, tattooed, stunningly beautiful Bella introduces herself in the bedroom while wearing her lacy bra and panties with silver high heels, chatting with the photographer about where she comes from (she's a California girl) and showing her firm pert pair for the camera. We get a nice close up look at her amazing breasts as she sensually massages them, pulling her pierced nipples and then bending over to give a closeup look at her butt! She uses her fingertips to pleasure herself, rubbing her clitoris and then sliding a glass dildo between her labia before penetrating her very tight hole and holding a magic wand up against her privates as well for vibration. The dual pleasure quickly brings her to a nice orgasm which we enjoy from a between-the-legs vantagepoint! Spreading her legs open we see her fucking her hairy hole with the toy, grabbing the vintage Vibraking toy for another shuddering climax. Next we see her ready to work out, taking off her clothes and stretching out on the yoga mat as she told a story about her sexual past...and climbing onto her stationary bicycle to work out a bit she gives us a perfect look at her butt from behind! Taking a large black dildo she shows her oral technique first and then gets down on the floor to go for a ride on top, taking it deep inside her little hole. Heading outdoors we see her in a plaid skirt climbing around on a gnarled old tree, lowering her top to reveal her big pair and pulling her panties aside to finger herself...even when cars drive past nearby! Bella certainly lives up to her name in this shoot, sharing the day and her gorgeous voluptuous body here on FTV!


Feb 21, 2023

34 mins

179 pics

The redheaded Aussie stunner is back! You might remember her previously on the site as Devyn but now she goes by D-Lux but whatever name she chooses, she's still got those stunning good looks and a slender amazing body for us to enjoy here on FTV. D-Lux starts out in the bedroom in her lacy bra and panties, describing some of the fun toys she brought along for the day. She sensually slips off her high heel shoes, then unclips her garter belt to slide off her panties and reveal her hole! She's got a huge thick toy from home - we note it's thicker than her forearm! - and she sticks it to the floor so she can go for a ride on top! It takes some effort to fit that huge toy inside but D-lux manages it, riding up and down with a gasp of pleasure and then fucking herself with it as she lays back, squeezing the base to make it 'cum' inside her as she enjoys a strong squirting orgasm of her own. Next we see her in a red lace lingerie number with tall high heeled boots, relaxing among some birthday balloons...and laying back on the balloons she fucks herself with a large glass dildo to another squirting climax! In the mood for some naughty fun, she heads to a public parking garage and hangs out by the elevator in a cute short skirt that allows her to flash that sexy fit butt. Sitting on the stairwell she spreads her legs wide, fucking herself with another of her uniquely-shaped dildos as we enjoy the wet sounds from within. She slides the toy in and out of her hole faster and deeper, bringing herself to one last squirting orgasm to finish off the day before scampering off! It's always a treat to see this gorgeous Australian redhead and she shows why she's quickly becoming a member favorite here on FTV MILFs.

Scarlett & Addis

Feb 14, 2023

60 mins

131 pics

Today we've got a double dose of hotness coming your way after technical issues caused some of the footage and photos of both Addis and Scarlett to be lost into the ether! We start with Scarlett as she shows off her large shapely pair in a sexy sheer colorful bra, squeezing her breasts together for a little massage, then slides a toy up between her lotioned-up pair for some tittyfucking. Next we see her sticking a toy to the wall with a suction cup for an oral skill demonstration, then she moves it lower to back up against it for deep penetration from behind. Climbing on top she rides the toy, holding a magic wand vibrator up against her clit as she does until she reaches a nice orgasm! We next see her lying in bed in thigh high stockings, wielding another toy...this time a vibrating purple dildo which she sucks and then fucks herself with, sliding it in and out of her hole as she holds onto one breast, enjoying another climax. For a fun 'afterparty' she gets completely nude except for her high heels, dancing sensually to some hiphop music and giving a lapdance to an empty chair! We next switch over to Addis, who has been given the powerful vintage Vibraking toy...and it doesn't take long before it's brought her to orgasm! She too gives a blowjob demonstration using a suction cup toy on the wall, sucking and licking the dildo and then backing up against it to get fucked...and then she gets on top, riding it with her legs spread open to reveal deep penetration! We finish things off with some outdoor footage as Addis jogs through the park in tight workout gear, pulling off her pants for a little masturbation with a vibrator before she's interrupted by people walking down the path. It's a shame some of the footage was destroyed but it's a pleasure to see both of these women enjoying themselves for a special double FTV MILFs feature!


Feb 7, 2023

31 mins

196 pics

Sexy, open, fun, and wild...that's Tiffany in a nutshell! This 30 year old knockout is back on FTV MILFs - although she's a brunette now instead of a blonde - relaxing on the bed in her sheer white and yellow bra and panties with strappy shoes, and chatting with the photographer about what she's been up to since last time she was on the site. She had brought a new toy along to the shoot, a vibrating double-ended flower for both penetration and vibration pleasure, which she inserted to show how it works...and the intense stimulation brings her to strong moaning orgasm with visible contractions! Next we see her with her legs up behind her head, pulling her panties aside to play with her privates using her fingertips before grabbing a thick glass toy for some oral play, licking the toy up and down for sensual experimentation. She has the talent of being able to 'queef' on command so she has some fun blowing air in and out of her vagina as the FTV photographer cheers her on, then heads outdoors for some breast worship with a creamy hard massage. Going back in to escape the cold we see her crawling on hands and knees towards a large thick suction cup toy stuck to the floor, giving the dildo a thorough wet blowjob and then climbing up on top for a deep ride with a squirting climax! She grabs a magic wand vibrator and holds it against her clitoris as she fucks herself with the dildo, enjoying the dual pleasure for more squirting orgasms to finish off the day. It's a wet and satisfying end to a welcome return from this slender beauty Tiffany, a fan favorite here on FTV MILFs!


Jan 31, 2023

78 mins

176 pics

The very lovely Cece walks into the room to introduce herself in a tight and sexy blue minidress, and immediately we note her attractive curves! She lowers the top of her dress to let that big soft pair of natural DD's out to play and wow, her nipples could cut through a bank vault. She sits back with her breasts out and chats with the FTV photographer about some of her sexual preferences - including her bisexuality - and then gives herself a nice breast massage, squeezing and rubbing those beautiful naturals together and then removing her colorful high heels to massage her cute feet. She spreads her legs wide and touches herself with her fingertips, then brings out a white magic wand vibrator which she holds against her clitoris for a nice relaxed orgasm...followed by penetration play with a flexible purple dildo! Next we see her in a white top and blue jeans, relaxing on the couch to chat about fun things she's into...such as ice play for instance! She grabs an ice cube and rubs it around the outside of her top, making her nipple rock hard...and then she holds the ice up against her sensitive clitoris, making the cube melt almost immediately! She has extremely pretty privates and we get a nice view of them from up close as she plays with the ice, and then she reaches for the powerful vintage Vibraking toy. After masturbating to another climax she changes into a bikini top and skirt with no panties, heading outside by the swimming pool with a thick dildo, showing off her oral techniques until it starts raining...but the fun doesn't stop in the wet, she climbs on top and rides the toy under the awning! After a fun masturbation session with the torrential rain falling she heads inside to warm up, hopping into the shower and getting that perfect pair all lathered up and soapy. Sticking a suction cup toy to the side of the tub we watch from above as she fucks herself, sliding her hole on and off the large pink dildo for one last masturbation session before heading out. Cece is a gorgeous newcomer to the industry and those pretty privates of hers are a joy (along with the rest of her!) here on FTV MILFs!


Jan 24, 2023

50 mins

190 pics

Beautiful brunette self-described valley girl Athena is a fun-sized MILF who introduces herself in sexy neon bra and panties today on FTV, relaxing on the bed in the morning sunlight like a sensual vision of loveliness...she's pretty new to modeling but you can see her confidence and beauty coming out as the cameras roll! She chats with the photographer about some of her sporty athletic background, then shows off some of the toys she brought along with her to the shoot. A remote controlled vibrator is up first, which the photographer helps adjust as Athena holds it against her clit, bringing her to her first climax of the day. Next up is a vibrating rabbit toy which she uses for deep penetration as well as vibration play, sliding it in and out as our camera moves close up for a great view...and bringing herself to another nice orgasm, touching herself after with her fingertips so we can hear the wetness! Heading to the car she slips the remote control toy inside her workout shorts, then runs around in the public park as the FTV photographer controls the secret vibrations of the toy! Next is some self-love with her hands and fingers as she squeezes her breasts and then holds a red magic wand type toy against her clitoris, enjoying a nice strong sensual climax. Changing into thigh high nylon stockings and sexy red high heels she puts on a show, dancing and writhing on the ground to rock music...afterwards she grabs a large handled dildo and begins licking and sucking it to show her oral skills, then fucks herself along with powerful vibrations from the vintage Vibraking toy for one last strong orgasm! Athena is a gorgeous and super sexual woman, very comfortable in her own skin, who's eager to show it all off today for us here on FTV!

Jesse & Serene II

Jan 17, 2023

29 mins

143 pics

In a continuation of their sensual and passionate pairing, beautiful Jesse and Serene get right back into things as they meet up on the white couch in sexy strappy lingerie and start deep kissing. They each have those incredible bodies and are simply oozing sexual energy, wasting no time before undressing each other. Serene stuffs her fingers in Jesse's mouth to get her drooling reflex flowing, then uses her wet fingers to stimulate that sensitive pink clitoris before sliding them inside her hole. While fingerfucking Jesse we see Serene showing her oral skills, flicking her tongue against her partner's clitoris...she slides her fingers deeper and deeper inside while sucking on the clit until she's fully fisting! Beautiful pert Sylvie was in the house shooting for FTV as well at the same time so the girls took the opportunity to teach her a little bit about fisting, sliding her hand deep inside for a brand new experience. Next we see Serene in a sexy black outfit with knee high boots, with Jesse in leather pants giving her a topless lapdance...and of course soon they're making out as the music plays! Jesse pulls aside her friend's panties and goes to work licking and tongueing and fingering her pussy, and then puts on a strapon dildo for some penetration play. First she licks Serene's hole and then grabs her by the hips to fuck her from behind until they're both moaning in pleasure. To finish off the shoot in truly extreme and kinky fashion, we see the two back by the pool with Jesse on her back and Serene straddling her face, giving her a pee facial watersport finale! It's an amazing sight to see these two gorgeous and very kinky MILFs going all out in search of pleasure and play here in the second part of their FTV experience...enjoy!

Jesse & Serene

Jan 10, 2023

35 mins

186 pics

It's the pairing you've been waiting for...we heard your requests and now get ready to enjoy beautiful member favorite Jesse teaming up with the legendary Serene for a scorching hot girl-girl shoot here on FTV MILFs! We start the day with Jesse in high heels and sheer bra and panties relaxing on the bed in the morning sunshine, when Serene comes crawling in - also in high heels and lingerie, with sexy thigh high stockings and a garter belt - to kiss her legs and lips and slide her hands all over! Getting down on her knees between Jesse's thighs, Siren takes her time licking and teasing that pussy before grabbing a long double-ended dildo to penetrate Jesse while taking the other end in her throat for oral pleasure. Serene shows her flexibility with oral sex while doing a backbend for a truly unique stunt, and then they share a double ended dildo for dual penetration! The day finishes with an intimate makeout session on the couch as Jesse gets her nipples sucked and her shorts pulled aside for pure pussy pleasure...and there's plenty more to come in part 2!


Jan 3, 2023

59 mins

189 pics

Stunning busty redhead Daisie introduces herself in sheer pink lingerie, exploring her body with her hands as she chats with the photographer...and apparently she's got quite the kinky naughty streak in her, talking about how she loves when men approach her to be degraded and dominated! She lowers the top of her nightie to reveal her large shapely pair, then sits on the bed to lick and suck on a large dildo as she talks dirty...and then pulls her panties aside to gently finger her very pretty pink privates too. Reaching for a magic wand vibrator she holds it against her clitoris while fucking herself with the dildo, bringing herself to multiple nice orgasms! After changing into a short and sexy black dress to show off those legs, she undresses and spreads her legs on the stairs to show her cute crotchless red panties while sliding a large glass toy up and down between her lips before penetrating herself. Heading outdoors to a public park in her cute little red shorts she stretches her legs against a tree, giving a great view of that perfect butt as cars honk driving by! She drops her shorts to do some risky flashing, squeezing her boobs together and sliding a hand inside her panties too, enjoying herself until she was spotted by some very curious passersby! Things got a little too busy so she headed back to the house, slipping off her shorts and grabbing the magic wand for an intense masturbation session...and after fucking herself with a dildo with the vibrator against her clit she has one more super intense orgasm...or, well, several more for good measure! Hopping in the shower she sticks a large suction cup dildo to the bench, sucking it and lowering herself on top for a hard ride for a little extra fun before saying goodbye. Daisie is a gorgeous and very sensual redhead with an incredible body and a ton of flirty energy, enjoy!


Dec 27, 2022

54 mins

151 pics

Beautiful dark haired Texas girl Alexa treats us to a view of her body from head to toe as she introduces herself today on FTV in skimpy thong panties and bra...she's a fit, sexy woman with a sultry seductive look and incredible form. Laying down prone she takes a large thick dildo in her mouth, showing her blowjob skills - it turns out she's a big fan of oral sex - and then taking off her panties to climb on top for a deep ride, using the magic wand vibrator as well for a nice orgasm! Next is a flirty bedroom shoot as she poses in green lacy lingerie that looks amazing on her soft sexy curves and gives herself a nice breast massage squeezing and caressing her big pair. She lays back on the bed, spreading her legs and penetrating her wet hole with a large blue vibrating toy as we come in for a closeup view. She fucks herself harder and faster with the toy and then gets the vintage Vibraking toy involved, enjoying the powerful stimulation until she has another big orgasm! Next is some holiday cheer as she plays with her lacy panties in front of the Christmas tree, 'unwrapping' herself and rubbing lotion into her skin for some breast play before tittyfucking herself with a dildo. She sits on the floor in the nude and fucks herself with the glass toy, and she's definitely putting herself on Santa's naughty list today! Alexa is a gorgeous woman with the body you desire, and is ready to make your holiday wishes cum true today on FTV MILFs!

Jesse II

Dec 20, 2022

45 mins

307 pics

The beautiful and supersexual Jesse is back for another round of FTV style fun and we couldn't be happier! We're reintroduced as she greets us wearing thigh high boots and skimpy panties, then she slides off her underwear to show that shapely backside with a spank. Spreading her legs in the bed she penetrates herself with a large textured glass toy, loving the filling sensation in her hole as her eyes roll back in pleasure! She also grabs the vintage Vibraking toy, holding it against her clitoris for amazingly strong orgasmic pleasure with her tongue lolling out. Changing into ballet slippers and a tutu, she shows her graceful skills with a dance before taking off her clothing and sliding a huge toy in her hole! Next is some sensual fingering as she slides her fingertips between her wet lips, enjoying her natural juices and masturbating to another climax. Heading outdoors in a tight little outfit she finds a corner against a public building and drops her shorts to masturbate, revealing her shapely breasts as she fingers herself enjoying the naughty exposure! Out by the swimming pool in a super skimpy pink swimsuit, we see her getting her ankles up to her ears as she fucks herself deep with another large vibrating toy, enjoying one last strong orgasm to finish off the day. It's a pleasure to have this flexible, super cute and graceful woman back for more fun...enjoy the return of Jesse!


Dec 13, 2022

69 mins

229 pics

We're introduced to stunning blonde Ebunnz in the best way possible...with poses in the natural sunlight pouring through the windows, admiring every bit of that natural sexy form! We see her running her hands over her curves, shaking her shapely butt and sliding off her panties to stand nude before us. She gives us a tour of those perfect breasts, talking about how she had them pierced a decade or so ago...and then she reaches for her first toy of the day, a fun textured glass dildo! She starts off showing her blowjob technique, then lies back on the bed spreading her legs to penetrate herself with the hard toy...and we note the wet sounds from inside her hole. She fucks herself and enjoys the pure penetration pleasure, and then brings the powerful Vibraking toy into the action as well, which quickly brings her to multiple strong squirting orgasms! Next it's time for some fun dressup play as she changes into a kitty suit, complete with a tail-buttplug inserted! She strolls into the room and dances sensually to jazzy music, shaking her tail and kicking off her high heels. After her dance she sticks a pink toy to the floor with a suction cup, getting on her elbows and knees to suck and lick the dildo before climbing on top for a deep ride - with the tail inside it's double penetration! The double pleasure brings her to even more squirting climaxes, and wow that pair of hers looks amazing as she bounces up and down on the toy. A sexy, flirty, and very skimpy black dress is next which barely conceals that desireable form as she gives herself a hard breast massage, and she lays back to slide her hands over her whole body before rubbing, fingering, and masturbating her pink privates. Heading outdoors to the swimming pool area she squirts her skin with lotion, rubbing it into herself for a sensual massage in the sun before enjoying one last masturbation session with a portable vibrator and saying goodbye...she's a stunningly hot, incredibly sexual woman with the perfect curves and adventurous attitude we love to see here on FTV MILFs!


Dec 6, 2022

83 mins

218 pics

We meet super cute MILF-next-door Charlotte in the kitchen as she experiences a large suction cup dildo for the first time! She's fun and energetic and eager to play here on FTV, starting out using her lips and tongue and mouth to show her blowjob skills and then climbing up on the countertop and pulling her panties aside to take the toy deep within her hole...and also getting the powerful Vibraking toy involved which brings her to her first orgasm of the day, or her first several! Next we see her rummaging through a toy bag, seeing what kind of fun penetration toys she can get her hands on...and she decides on starting out with a large glass dildo for deep twisting insertion. A large thick purple vibrator is next and she keeps her high heels on as she fucks herself before heading outside to mount a huge thick conical glass toy which brings her to her quickest orgasm of the day! The day has grown late and the light is fading as we say goodbye to Charlotte...an energetic, attractive, and very fun MILF with a great body and adventurous attitude bringing her A-game here on FTV!


Nov 29, 2022

55 mins

183 pics

Ravishing busty Russian redhead Kessie is introduced to us in the morning sunshine as she gazes out the window wearing just her skimpy sheer white bra and panties...and wow, that tattooed fit body is incredible! She's got that Russian super-spy vibe going as she slides her hands over that tight athletic body, undoing her bra and revealing her pert firm pair. Grabbing a stiff string of plastic beads we see her rubbing them against her clit, before penetrating herself with the beads and with a thick vibrating toy...still speaking sensually in Russian as she fucks herself to a squirting orgasm! After changing into a short dress (or is it just a top?) to chat with the photographer, we see her taking a large dildo in her mouth to show those oral skills. She slides the toy inside her hole and fucks herself on the couch, spreading her legs open and enjoying the deep penetration and vibration until she has another nice climax! Heading outside in her green workout gear she enjoys some yoga stretches, showing her flexibility and sensuality at the same time and ending up completely nude. She keeps her legs spread above her head as she uses the big pink toy, penetrating herself and having another orgasm with strong squirting! She puts on a sparkly sheer dress with silver high heels - with no panties- dancing sensually and hypnotically to her music. For one last orgasmic finale she climbs on top of her toy, riding it while holding the vintage Vibraking toy against her clitoris and squirting like a fountain! She's a super sexual, super sensual, super squirting Russian beauty ready to unleash her talents here on FTV MILFs!


Nov 22, 2022

44 mins

412 pics

We get our first glimpse of sexy, fit, very athletic Madison Brite as she enters a public parking garage after coming into Florida from the airport and meeting the FTV guest photographer, lifting up her dress and playing with her little panties before taking the elevator up to admire the view. Pulling her panties aside she rubs her privates with her fingertips, enjoying the thrill of risky play in a public area before enjoying a little lunch. Back at the house she talks on the phone with a friend about a guy she hopes to meet up with later, and then starts undressing and masturbating with her fingers thinking about her upcoming date! Heading to the beach, she takes some time out on the walkway to do some flashing and teasing...and then once she gets to the sandy shore she climbs a lifeguard tower, stripping down nude to change into a very skimpy bikini which shows off her very shapely butt. After a naked scamper through the waves she heads back to the hotel to prepare for her date, getting dressed up and then masturbating with a small magic wand toy for a quick climax before heading out. The next morning we see her in a skimpy little black nightie, clearly very happy with how her evening went...and then she enjoys one last fingertip masturbation session on her prominent clitoris before saying goodbye...a very hot, very sexual and fit blonde ready to show it all in Florida for FTV MILFs!

Serene III

Nov 15, 2022

53 mins

221 pics

The beautiful blonde legend Serene is back! She starts out her day of shooting at FTV in a yellow skirt, admiring her lovely reflection in the mirror and kissing and licking herself...and then lifting up her skirt to touch her privates with her fingertips. Sticking a suction cup dildo to the mirror and getting down on her hands and knees, she begins sucking and licking the toy while still gazing at her reflection and then lays back with her legs spread wide open, sliding herself onto the toy for some pentration fun. Next is a small pink toy which slides inside her hole and provides vibration pleasure as well on her sensitive clitoris, and she fucks herself with it as we listen to the wet sounds from inside...and brings herself to a wet squirting orgasm! An elegant creamy satin gown is next which looks amazing on her slim form, then she slides off the dress to show her lacy pink panties. It's a sensual masturbation session as she rubs herself through her panties with one leg up on the piano, before grabbing a large pink toy and grinding against it and riding it deep for another dripping wet climax! After changing into a sexy short blue dress we see her crawling up a long chair, licking her way up and grinding against it with her hem hiked up to reveal sheer panties. She gets her legs hooked behind her head and starts playing with her hole, fingering herself deep and hard with a long toy in her mouth...and then using the toy to fuck herself deep for one last squirting orgasm! It's a super hot return for an FTV favorite, and Serene is loving every minute of the fun...enjoy.


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