Aug 31, 2021

69 mins

271 pics

Super fit and sexy blonde Gigi looks amazing in her stretchy workout gear as she's introduced here on FTV, dancing in the living room to her music and hopping on the exercise bike with her big pair hanging out of her sports bra. After her short workout we see her on the yoga mat, showing her flexibility by stretching out while wearing just sneakers and a smile! She goes from stretching to masturbating, using her fingertips and then the powerful vintage Vibraking toy which quickly brings her to a nice shuddering orgasm, along with another one just from her fingertips. Next we see her lounging on the couch in sheer white lingerie, chatting with the photographer about her sexual escapades before grabbing a quite large cucumber to satisfy her oral fixation on, sucking and licking it up and down before slowly inserting it - and we notice how milky she becomes from the kinky veggie penetration! After a quick peeing session into the pool we see her in a cute flirty yellow dress, relaxing on an outdoor sofa and sliding her hands over her toned fit legs, penetrating herself faster and faster until she enjoys another nice natural orgasm. Heading to a more public pool we enjoy a rather voyeuristic view of her sexy red swimsuit body as she tells some more stories from her sexual history and then heads back home to take a long soapy shower. Sticking a suction cup dildo on the shower wall, we see her backing up onto the toy and getting penetrated doggystyle...and the fucking alone brings her to another climax! Turning off the shower we see her sitting in the tub, using the magic wand vibrator for one last climax to finish off a fun day...enjoy this sexy athletic blonde, exclusive to FTV and full of naughty erotic energy!


Aug 24, 2021

79 mins

218 pics

Lauren is ready to rock your world with those incredible MILF curves of hers here today on FTV, and she introduces herself popping through the doorway in a cute dress with high heels and sitting on the windowsill. Spreading her legs, we see she has no panties on underneath her dress as she shows one of her favorite toys and lets those large enhanced breasts out of her dress to rub and squeeze together, then holds the toy against her clitoris for a nice masturbation session. Next we see her in a baby blue top and panties, dancing seductively to some music and stripping down until she's completely naked...and we note how sexy her movements are, she knows just how to dance to heat things up! Afterwards she grabs a glass toy and relaxes on the couch - with another song playing, just to set the mood! - and starts penetrating herself, enjoying the deep sensual experience and using a magic wand vibrator as well to bring herself to another nice orgasm. Heading outdoors to a patriotically decorated chair we see her licking a blue and red popsicle as she talks about some of sexual history...while her breasts very nearly fall out of her tiny bikini top! She rubs a popsicle against her lips and then against her nipples, enjoying the sticky cold juice melting over them on a warm sunny afternoon. She wants some kinky veggie penetration so we see her grabbing a large yellow squash, sliding it inside her hole faster and faster and using a vibrating toy as well. Next it's time to head out and about and we see her at a local carwash, scrubbing down the car with her boob peeking out...and she certainly attracts some eyes! It's a little too busy though, so we see her in the convertible for a little bit more privacy as she slips off her bottoms and starts to finger herself one last time before saying goodbye...a super cute and super busty beauty who loves to play here on FTV!


Aug 17, 2021

60 mins

188 pics

Our first introduction to this lovely dark haired beauty Gianna is in the living room by the couch, where she's dancing to some rock music as the FTV cameras roll. She's quite new to modeling but definitely has the looks and body for it, which we see as she pops off her top to reveal those big firm boobs! She's a very sexual woman who loves to show off so she figured she may as well get naked in front of the camera, and we get close between her legs as she uses her fingertips to pleasure herself. Switching to a large magic wand vibrator, we watch as she holds it against her clitoris, bringing herself to a nice orgasm! After changing into cute denim mini-cutoffs we see her outside, showing how her shorts show just the right amount of butt...and then slipping them down her thighs. Hopping into a hanging swing chair we see her rubbing her pussy with a toy she brought from home, a vibrating pink one with multiple tips. She inserts the toy and uses the prong end to stimulate her sensitive clitoris, and we get to see it all from very close up as she masturbates to squirting orgasm! Next we seeh er in a seductive red dress with high heels, putting on a sexy intimate show for her guy friend...and things get hot when she lets those 32DD's out and spreads her legs with no panties on. The show continues as she takes a large pink toy and shows her blowjob skills while the guy watches, and then she climbs on top to ride it as well. She's in the mood for a fun finish to the day so she asks her friend to finger her hole as she spreads on the kitchen counter, and he slides several fingers in to pleasure her until she has one last squirting orgasm! Gianna is a red hot raven haired MILF who loves open relationships and she's having a blast (literally!) here this week on FTV!

Charli II

Aug 10, 2021

51 mins

213 pics

The lovely blonde and busty Charli is back for another round of hotness here on FTV, reintroducing herself next to a quite open parking lot in a cute blue outfit that gives us some nice upskirt peeks as she touches herself with her fingertips to a quick squirting orgasm! After 'taking the edge off' we see her back at the house relaxing and dancing seductively using the couch, grinding against the cushions as the music played. Next it's time for quite a huge toy, and we see her spreading wide to take as much inside as she could manage, fucking herself to another squirting mega-climax! Heading to a nearby garage we see her leaning against a gorgeous red classic the fellas at the garage quite the show as she slips out of her denim cutoff shorts with her big breasts hanging out! The show gets even better when she climbs into the trunk and spreads her legs, touching herself with her fingers until she has a squirting orgasm right in the trunk on a piece of cardboard. Next we see her taking on a very long toy, stroking it with her hands and licking it, and then getting raised up on the car lift in order to pleasure herself with it, even putting on her cowgirl boots for the occasion...warming up with the toy and then blasting off to a massive squirting climax using her fingers! Back at the house we see her in a white swimsuit by the pool, lounging on a yoga mat stretching out her legs and playing with her breasts before picking up the hose and spraying herself down...and wow those boobs look amazing all soaked with water. We see her using a large glass cone shaped toy for penetration, and she fills herself up with the thick toy outdoors here before rubbing her clitoris to one last orgasm. She's a busty, beautiful, curvy blonde who loves to squirt and you can only find her here on FTV!


Aug 3, 2021

42 mins

160 pics

Previous FTVMILFs model Ellie brought this beautiful country MILF-Next-Door woman Charli in to shoot and wow, we're all glad she did! She's a busty blonde and we meet her in a pink dress that reveals those big juicy boobs...and she's such a fan of other women that she ended up marrying one! We quickly see both Ellie and Charli dropping their dress tops to play with each others breasts, with Charli giving Ellie's nipples some licking and sucking attention as well. Charli gets on her knees next, licking and tongueing Ellie to show how talented her oral sex game is...and then fingering her deep and using the powerful Vibraking toy on her clitoris! Desiring her own pleasure, we next see Charli spreading her legs wide and using a toy on her clit while Ellie fists her hard until she has a nice squirting orgasm! Next we enjoy some solo action with Charli as she relaxes in black lingerie, slowly stripping out of it and using a curved glass toy to penetrate herself until she has another big squirting climax. Relaxing in the swing-chair out back in blue lingerie with her breasts out, we see her chatting with the photographer about some of her sexual history...especially how she lost her virginity with another girl! She massages her breasts squeezing them together with her hands, then takes her thick pink toy deep in her mouth for some oral fun before using her fingers to masturbate to one last squirt as the photographer's camera clicks. Exclusive to FTV, enjoy this absolute sexpot of a MILF Charli...and there's more yet to come!


Jul 27, 2021

77 mins

260 pics

We first see lovely blonde Katlynn on a warm sunny day in her cute dress, and she lifts up the hem to reveal that she's got no panties on underneath...and she lowers the top to let her very shapely breasts out to play as well, giving them a nice hard massage before using her fingertips to bring herself to her first orgasm of the day. Next we see her indoors in a sexy little strappy red bra and panties set that conceals next to nothing, and she dances to some of her favorite music...then she sits at the piano and plays a little tune using her boobs! Spreading her legs on the piano bench, we see her touching herself with her fingertips and the powerful vintage Vibraking toy until she has another climax - and we get to see the leg-shuddering action from a couple of angles. After a quick pee session outdoors, she heads to the billiard room and sticks a suction cup dildo on the pool table for some blowjob action, slurping it up and down and deepthroating. Heading to the pool table, she backs up onto the toy for deep penetration - which we get to see from side and rear perspective as she pushes against the toy harder and harder, enjoying another nice climax. Heading to the hammock to relax nude and swing, we see her with a large glass dildo which she licks and then penetrates herself with...fucking her hole until she has a nice squirting orgasm, which we get to see from two angles before she bids us goodbye. She's a super sexual MILF with a great body and is a force of nature for sure as she plays and shares with us here on FTV!

Riley & Jessica

Jul 20, 2021

52 mins

194 pics

Busty dark haired Jessica welcomes sexy Riley back to FTV as the two of them relax on the living room couch, giving Riley her first VR porn experience! She puts the headset on and spreads her legs - with no panties on - enjoying some hot lesbian video in another language and as the action heats up, so does Riley...soon she's touching herself, with Jess lending a helping hand as well! Using the vintage Vibraking toy, she brings her new girlfriend to a strong orgasm for us. Heading out the back door, the two of them play a game comparing some sexual experiences before making out...kissing and caressing and exploring each other with their hands lips and tongue as they press their breasts together. Riley gets on her knees and eats out Jess's pussy, licking and fingering her horny hole...and then lifting up a leg to get nearly fisted, until they were interrupted by a wandering bobcat! Getting back to the fun, Jess keeps on fisting Riley giving her deep satisfying pleasure...and getting soaking wet in the process. Next we see the two of them with a truly enormous toy, with Riley sliding it up between Jess's boobs to tittyfuck her. Riley wants to try riding it as much as she can, so she climbs on top and squats on the toy and then fucks herself with it, before rubbing herself with her fingertips to a nice squirting orgasm to finish off this day of fun. Both of these beautiful babes are exciting and sensual and hot as hell, and it's a real treat seeing them in action together here on FTV MILFs!


Jul 13, 2021

53 mins

231 pics

Sexy stunning and super busty Jessica comes strolling up to the camera in a short skirt and revealing top to introduce herself and we're all immediately in lust with this beauty! This is her first professional shoot which is a big suprise with looks like that. She plays with her large breasts a bit, making them shake and jiggle around...and then she lets them out of her to right out in the open as she opens her legs, showing that she's not wearing any panties underneath her skirt. Getting more daring, we see her rubbing her privates with her hand and then fingering herself, sliding her finger in and out of her hole faster and faster as cars drive nearby! Back at the house in her sultry red lingerie with garter belt and stockings she plays with the piano briefly and then gets into some naughty kinky fun with stocking stuffing, a first time experience for Jessica. We watch as she slowly peels off one stocking and then uses her fingertips to push it inside her vagina, enjoying the unusual sensation as she makes her stocking disappear. Keeping it in her hole she reaches for the vintage Vibraking toy, buzizng her clitoris for extra pleasure, masturbating and then slowly pulling out the fabric. Heading out by the swimming pool in her pink bra and panties we see her dancing seductively to the music, moving those sensual soft curves before taking a pink suction cup toy between her boobs for some tittyfucking and then oral practice. Next we see her in a flowery pretty dress, spreading her legs on a cool marble stair to penetrate herself with a large blue toy - and we note the wet sounds from inside as she fucks herself! Heading to the balcony she stretches out in a swimsuit, rubbing oil into her skin and slowly caressing her long legs...and then giving herself a breast massage with the oil as well before bidding us goodbye, a smokin hot and perfectly curvy MILF here on FTV!


Jul 6, 2021

60 mins

253 pics

Lovely sultry redheaded Russian MILF Sandra introduces herself to us while relaxing in the kitchen, and we immediately note her strong and sexy accent...and soon she's demonstrating her blowjob skills on a purple toy she brought from home while talking dirty. Moving to the couch in the nude we see her spreading wide open, using her fingertips to pleasure herself and rubbing her clitoris faster and faster until she has a nice strong squirting orgasm! Out in the back yard in a dress and corset we watch as she dances to her music, then climbing into the large rope hammock to use a magic wand toy on herself along with fingering, and we note the wet sounds from inside. Changing into a short white dress with chunky heels we see her sitting on a table, spreading her legs to show she has no panties on underneath in an upskirt peek...and she seems a bit nervous about the public flashing because in her home country she could get in serious trouble! She got a bit nervous hearing voices of people nearby so she and the photographer headed back to the house, and she was in the mood to try fisting for the first time. We see her inserting one finger, then several, until she has fit four inside...not quite a fist, but in the right neighborhood! After being handed the powerful vintage Vibraking toy we see her buzzing her privates through her panties, and then holding the toy directly on her clitoris...and she is amazed by the power of the toy as it brings her to one more big squirting orgasm which we get to see from a couple of different angles! After her last climax she bids us goodbye, a lovely and very sexual Russian with curves and a hot accent, a devastating combination right here on FTV MILFs.


Jun 29, 2021

61 mins

201 pics

This lovely slender woman Ophelia lives in the Southwest US and has driven quite a way to shoot with FTV, she's excited to have some naughty fun! We're introduced as she wakes up in bed wearing a lacy white nightie, letting one breast pop out and sliding her hands over her body to give us a good look at that sensual desireable form...and letting her fingers drift between her legs to touch herself, we note that she's already wet with desire! We watch from a closeup view as she penetrates herself with a white vibrating toy, sliding it in and out as she lays on her stomach in the bed. Turning over she masturbates with the toy, sliding it deep inside and using the clitoral stimulator as well bringing herself to a nice strong shaking shuddering orgasm, her first of the day! We also learn that she can apparently only orgasm with one leg straight out, a curious quirk. After a quick pee in the bathroom we see her playing around with her very pert and constantly-erect nipples...putting a toothpaste cap on one like a little hat! Using a coat hanger like a clamping device she clips onto both nipples, then reaches for a magic wand vibrator to masturbate with the hanger still attached...and then she moves to the floor for another orgasm, and we note her 'straight leg' technique once again as she cums - right as the batteries on the toy die! Heading to the couch in a flowery bra and white high heel shoes, we watch as she gently touches her privates with her fingertips...slowly increasing in pressure and speed until she enjoys another nice climax. The vintage Vibraking toy is next for more strong vibration fun, and then we see her in a pretty dress dancing to some classic 80s music...afterwards we see her introducing herself a bit (this footage was actually shot earlier in the day). She loves a little roleplaying and we see her practicing some of that in a 'stepson' theme, which she feels is useful to overcome her naturally shy demeanor. We watch from a POV perspective as she gets on her knees to show her oral technique on a dildo, sucking it off to continue the stepson scenario...and then she fucks herself to one last orgasm before saying goodbye, a beautiful and quite shy newcomer who shares her fun personality and very hot body with us here on FTV MILFs!


Jun 22, 2021

64 mins

174 pics

We're introduced to this beautiful woman Riley as she plays with her lacy panties (with pearls attached), slowly stuffing them inside her hole for kinky pleasure, saving the pearls for last until she makes it all disappear! Next we see her with the powerful vintage Vibraking toy, and she's blown away by the powerful sensations as she holds it against her sensitive clitoris, masturbating to squirting orgasm before pulling the panties back out! Next we see her in red panties and bra dancing to the music and wow, that fit toned body looks amazing...she's clearly athletic and active and seeing her shake her butt is a real treat. Reaching for a clear dildo, she shows her blowjob skills licking it sensually up and down...heading to the couch we see her recording a little sexting session for some guy, and we watch her touching and fingering herself as she chats with him. Next she's got her silver high heels on as she rides the clear suction cup dildo, then she starts fucking herself harder until she has a nice squirting orgasm! Heading out to the park to enjoy the beautiful weather we see her in a denim short enjoying herself in the sunshine, giving us some upskirt peeks and then using her fingertips to rub her privates right out in the open. For a little more privacy she heads back to the backyard chair and tries out a fantasy of hers, namely fisting herself...and we see her slipping more and more fingers inside and then her entire fist, ending up having one more squirting orgasm to finish things off! After a quick pee session into the pool she bids us goodbye...a beautiful, fun, and kinky addition to FTV MILFs!

Macey II

Jun 15, 2021

77 mins

213 pics

It's part2 of beautiful dark haired Macey's shoot here on FTV, and we start off with a fun pink bikini top outdoors as she relaxes by the hammock, taking her boobs out of her top and letting them swing back and forth. Speaking of swinging around, she relaxes on the hammock with a toy next, licking her own nipples and fucking herself with the toy with music playing as the photographer snaps her camera! She slides the toy in and out, masturbating harder and harder until she brings herself to a nice squirting orgasm. After changing into a flowery top and shorts we see her posing against a tree next to a public path, talking about some of her sexual history as golf carts rode right past. Continuing the outdoor adventure we see her on a bike path under a bridge, squatting down to pull her shorts aside and masturbate with her fingers...and then she uses a pink toy to penetrate herself until she has a big strong squirting orgasm right there, soaking her shorts! Back at the house we see her exercising with some stair-running in her cute little blue shorts, her breasts bouncing with every step. They bounce even more as she does some jumping jacks with her top pulled up, and then jogging in place. She gives her enhanced breasts a hard massage and apparently they have a firm yet squishy texture like gummibears! We see her sliding a long dildo between them, tittyfucking herself and sucking on the end to show her oral technique, then kicking her leg up to fuck herself deep with the toy until she has another squirting orgasm, which we get to see from a couple of angles. She heads indoors again, this time wearing skimpy blue thong panties, spreading her legs open to finger herself and then using the powerful Vibraking toy against her clitoris for some final pleasure to finish off the day. She's a gorgeous and very fun dark haired woman with those incredible curves, and it's great to see her back in action on FTV MILFs!


Jun 8, 2021

79 mins

247 pics

When we're introduced to beautiful raven-haired Macey in her pink top and lacy panties, we immediately note a few things...first, she's gorgeous and has a very sexy body; secondly, she's got a geek streak (as evidenced by an Elvish script tattoo on her thigh); and third, she's got a naughty kinky streak as we notice her ballgag around her neck and flail whip in her hand! She's getting into some fun dancing in front of the mirror to some hard rock, moving those curves to the rhythm. Next she sticks a suction cup toy to the mirror, staring at her 'evil twin' reflection as she shows off her blowjob technique! Heading to the couch, we see her spreading her legs while wearing just her white high heel shoes and penetrating herself with her big pink toy...with her ballgag in her mouth as she brings herself to a nice abrupt squirting orgasm! Heading out to the backyard in a white top and cute red bow in her hair, we see her relaxing in a swinging chair with her legs spread and a blue vibrating toy sliding in and out of her hole before a quick peeing session by the pool. Back indoors, she puts on a very sexy strappy green bra that barely holds those large breasts in check, then talks a bit about some of her naughty sexual experiences. She was lactating somewhat so we get just a little peek at some milk coming out of her nipples, squeezing and massaging her boobs with lotion in and out of her bra. Grabbing a long glass toy, we see her fucking her hole to more powerful and uncontrollable squirting orgasms which we get to see from multiple hot angles! A video game break is next with the VR helmet for fun, then she heads outdoors to climb on a cute motorbike wearing only her high heels and a chain 'bra' that lets her boobs hang right out. She sticks a suction cup dildo on the bike and sucks it off messily, then climbs on top to ride it in reverse cowgirl before unsticking it from the bike and fucking herself until she has yet another squirting climax! It's a fitting way to end the shooting but don't worry, Macey will be back for a part2 shortly...


Jun 1, 2021

82 mins

250 pics

Things start off immediately hot in this FTV update as the beautiful Nolina introduces herself via dance, wearing a super cute polka dot bikini! She shakes and moves to some Whitney, gradually releasing herself from the confinements of her swimsuit until she's dancing completely nude for us. Next we see her relaxing on her side on an outdoor chair, reaching behind to touch and finger herself and spread her lips open...and we're treated to some very hot close-up views of the fun as she ends up masturbating to orgasm. Afterwards we see her indoors in a lacy bra, squeezing and massaging her 34DD naturals together and using lotion to massage them...and then spreading her thighs and getting kinky with some panty stuffing! She's curious about the vintage Vibraking toy and is excited to try it out, spreading her legs and buzzing her clit...and quickly bringing herself to a nice strong climax with visible contractions! Afterwards she tugs out her panties for a sniff...she had them inside the whole time as she was masturbating. Next she cools down, relaxing on a sofa and chatting - still in the nude - about some of her ayahuasca experiences in the past. Next is a white vibrating dildo for penetration pleasure, and she enjoys some outdoor fun fucking herself with it in front of the white fence. However, the weather was unusually chilly that day so she decides to move location to the photographer Lia's car...where she continues the masturbation fun! The light is fading and it's time for her to head to the airport but we've enjoyed a very fun day of shooting with this beautiful woman who you're sure to fall for, right here on FTV.


May 25, 2021

100 mins

245 pics

Right off the bat we're wowed by this beautiful curvy Latina MILF Tiana as she introduces herself in lacy white see-through lingerie on the couch! She's a social media darling and it's easy to see why that big round juicy booty of hers is so popular...and today on FTV we're getting an intimate look at those curves! She's certainly not all butt, though; we get a nice look at her cute feet as well as she rubs them gently. We see her spreading her thighs and rubbing herself through her lacy stockings, then ripping a hole in them to touch her privates directly...rubbing and fingering and exploring herself. Next she reaches for a large white vibrating toy, rubbing herself with the tip and then plunging it inside, fucking herself deep! After the penetration she moves to a large magic wand toy for vibration pleasure, holding it against her privates and we note from the wet sounds how much she's enjoying herself as she brings herself to multiple intense squirting orgasms. Heading outside on a windy day we see her in sexy tight stretchy workout pants and wow, they cling to every curve of that legendary butt. Back at the house she puts on some music and shows those twerking skills and that ass has gotta be seen to be believed. Lying on her side after the dancing we see her spreading her cheeks and fingering herself, rubbing her clitoris with her fingertips and slipping them inside before using a blue toy in the same position. Lifting a leg, she rubs herself with the toy enjoying the vibrations until she has another nice squirting orgasm! Next it's time for a luxurious shower as she lathers herself up and rinses off, taking plenty of opportunity to slide her hands over her delicious curves...and then sliding her fingertips between her labia. Sticking a suction cup dildo onto the wall, we see her on her knees backing up onto it and fucking herself doggystyle, and the sight is a dream come true! Using the magic wand vibrator, she masturbates to more wet orgasms in her own quiet, squirting style. Back outdoors after her shower and having changed into a flowery dress, we're treated to more great views of her butt as she jiggles and shakes it, then pours oil on and rubbing it into her skin for a shiny sleek look. We see her riding on top of a pink toy, and we've got the best seats in the house watching her fuck that dildo by bouncing up and down on top before bidding us goodbye...a sweet and very sensual beauty with curves for days here on FTV!


May 18, 2021

63 mins

241 pics

The gorgeous, elegant, and eloquent Jessica Ryan immediately wows us here on FTV as we see her dancing in a sheer green top, moving sensually to the music and slipping out of her clothing until she's dancing in just her lacy green lingerie. Afterwards she takes off the bottoms and lets her shapely breasts out of the bra as she lounges on the couch, spreading her legs and touching herself before using a vibrating pink toy for penetration pleasure bringing herself to a nice orgasm. After changing into sexy flirty strappy lingerie with thigh high nylon stockings and high heels we see her sitting on the piano bench, speaking a bit about her sexual experiences...and then slowly and sensually stripping out of her stockings for some leg- and foot-centric fun! Getting into a kinky mood we see her stuffing one of her stockings inside with her fingers, making it nearly disappear into her vagina! Spreading wide we watch as she uses the strong vintage Vibraking toy - while the stocking is still stuffed halfway inside her hole - and then slowly pulling the stocking out, and we watch the orgasmic pleasure from multiple angles! Heading outdoors in a bright red dress, she's very excited to ride in a big powerful pickup turns out she's quite the gearhead! She loves the experience so much she gets turned on from riding around in the backseat, and soon we're watching her spread her legs with no panties on while the truck is parked. She touches herself with her fingers and then uses a banana-yellow vibrator to fuck herself right there in the rumbleseat! After her playtime we see her riding around in the back through the streets, and then walking around completely nude in a lush park. Sitting on a small stairway we see her using her pink vibrator to fuck herself again, enjoying the penetration pleasure to finish off the day she takes a refreshing dip in a pool nude, bringing out her dildo to show her oral technique for us before blowing a kiss and bidding us farewell. She's a true beauty and is sexy inside and was an amazing day of shooting with this knockout here on FTV!


May 11, 2021

93 mins

279 pics

Ellie is a superfit, drop dead gorgeous woman who is basically the dream MILF, definitely wifey material! We're introduced to this athletic beauty as she jogs around outdoors in her tight stretchy workout gear, and we immediately note that she's getting some attention from the guys around the park. She does some stretching and lets those big breasts pop out of her sports bra just for fun. After stretching we see her start rubbing herself through her shorts, and it's definitely time to head back to the privacy of the house...and we see her dancing out back by the swimming pool stripping down nude as she moves those incredible curves to the music! After she's completely nude we see her relaxing with a magic wand vibrator, spreading her toned legs and buzzine her clitoris with the powerful toy as she penetrates herself with her fingers, bringing herself to a nice strong orgasm...or three! After changing into a lovely blue-green dress we see her with a glass toy, which she shows her oral techniques on sucking and slurping it up and down...and then fucking herself with it while using the magic wand, enjoying another climax. After putting on her sexy sheer orange lingerie she talks a bit about her sexual history, then takes off her panties and uses the powerful Vibraking toy which brings her to another strong orgasm. Laying back on the couch wearing just her wedges she uses a vibrating blue dildo to stimulate her clitoris and then fuck herself with, bringing in a green vibrator as well for double the orgasmic pleasure! Afterwards she hops in the shower and enjoys a quick peeing session before venturing outside again...this time in a sexy string bikini! She slips out of her swimsuit and squirts some lotion on her breasts, rubbing it into her skin and then tittyfucking a toy sliding it up between her boobs! She fucks herself with the toy with one leg up on a metal fence and then steps into an outdoor shower next to a cliff-face, washing herself off and looking absolutely gorgeous all dripping wet. We see her posing for some final photos to finish off the day, a beautiful and sultry MILF with a bangin body just perfect for FTV!


May 4, 2021

91 mins

238 pics

It's a bright sunny warm day in AZ when we're introduced to lovely Harley in her lemon top and denim cutoff shorts...she's a Texas girl who has only been modeling in the adult industry for a very short time, and she's excited to have some FTV-style fun! She's out among the trees and does a little fun flashing with those perky boobies and then shaking her butt in her shorts, jiggling and twerking a little leaning against a tree. Back at the house, we see her spreading her legs on a patio chair and using her fingers to penetrate and then a vibrating suction toy to stimulate her clitoris, enjoying her first orgasm of the day...with squirting and then a brief peeing scene into the pool! Next up is a textured glass toy which she fucks herself with, spreading on the couch nude except for her tan high heel shoes...the powerful Vibraking toy along with more penetration play end up with even more squirting climaxes which get all over the floor. Outside of the house we see her in a lovely white outfit talking about her sexual history, then sldiding her bottoms aside to touch herself with her fingers. Back indoors still in her white romper we see her dancing to her music, stripping down until she was nude...and then heading to the couch for more penetration play, this time with a large white vibrator! As the day grew long we see her back outside, this time in a yellow dress...she's called her friend to give her a ride to the airport but first she asks him to lend a hand with her shoot...and soon we see her panties pulled aside as he fingers her pink hole, and we note the wet sounds from within! She holds her legs open as he penetrates her with a pink vibrating toy, sliding it in and out until she has one last powerful squirting orgasm. One last flash and she's on her way, a lovely and very horny squirter with a great body and tons of sexual energy!

Madelyn II

Apr 27, 2021

50 mins

249 pics

Beautiful blonde Madelyn is back for part2 of her shoot after the initial day was cut off early, and it's a pleasure to see her return! It's been a decade since her FTV Girls debut and this stunning MILF is looking hotter than ever. We see her today starting things out in a pink dress and white high heels, walking around near a fountain with swimming ducks. Heading indoors we see her with a textured glass toy (with a heart on one end) which she licks and sucks, before spreading her legs and penetrating herself...and we note how creamy she gets as she fucks herself with the dildo! Outside we see her relaxing in the back yard in a hammock, swinging back and forth...and we note that she has no panties on, giving us a perfect upskirt look. After that we see her using a purple toy for more penetration, fucking herself with it, but it's a bit too exposed for her liking. Back inside she continues the toy penetration play, fucking herself faster and faster until she reaches orgasm...which we get to watch from a closeup perspective. Next we see her changed into a lacy yellow bra and panties set, chatting with the photographer and then twerking, shaking and jiggling that shapely booty. In the house she shows her oral technique on a large pink toy, deepthroating and sucking it and then laying back on the couch to finger herself. Getting her butt in the air we see her enjoying double penetration, fingering both her holes at the same time and rubbing her clit as well! For a powerful finale she reaches for the vintage Vibraking toy, buzzing her clitoris and bringing herself to a huge shuddering climax which we see from multiple angles! She finishes things up with this last orgasm, it's another great shoot from this beautiful, extremely sexual MILF...enjoy her right here on FTV!

Syren II

Apr 20, 2021

79 mins

265 pics

She's back! It's been almost exactly a year since we've seen beautiful Syren here on FTV but she's back and is looking absolutely amazing here today. We're reintroduced to this mature beauty as she relaxes in teh living room in a flowery blue dress and we immediately note that incredible cleavage of hers! After taking off her dress and sliding her lacy white bra down, we see her using lotion to give herself a hard breast massage and wow, her pair looks incredible. Spreading her legs, she reaches for a powerful magic wand vibrator and pleasures herself, masturbating until she has a milky leg-shaking orgasm! Heading outdoors in a pink dress, we next see her dancing to her own dark rock music...and moving her body gets her so turned on she just has to reach for a pink vibrator to fuck herself to climax with. We see her outdoors next in her tight workout gear, stretching out and going for a jog - topless! She works up an appetite and goes in to eat a little lunch with her breasts out, chatting with the photographer about some of her sexual escapades. After lunch she admires her reflection in the mirror, then sticks a suction cup toy to the glass and starts sucking see just what she looks like giving a blowjob! She's a big fan of powerful cars so we see her out in the garage relaxing nude in a beautiful supercar...and just sitting in the passenger seat turns her on so much she just has to start touching herself with her fingertips! She starts using a toy but wants to finish in the privacy of the house so we see her indoors, masturbating with a dildo and the powerful Vibraking toy to one last super-intense orgasm...which we get to watch from multiple angles. It's an amazing return for a true beauty of a MILF, a mature stunner with sex appeal for days and a body to match!


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