Jul 10, 2018

56 mins

227 pics

Leggy slender brunette Lexi Foxy has the sort of smile that just lights up a room and she's using it to her advantage in her first FTV MILFs shoot, which is only her fourth shoot in the adult industry! We meet her outdoors in an office park as she walks around in her purple skirt and white top, flashing her perfect perky boobs before heading back inside out of the chilly air. Back in the house she gives us a nice look at all of that sexy body of hers, showing off her cute butt and nice pink privates with 'landing strip' pubic hair. On the kitchen floor we watch as she penetrates herself with her fingertips, and we note the wet sounds as she gets more turned on wearing just her high heels and her smile! Her fingers just aren't enough though and she uses a beaded glass toy to fuck herself, and again we note how dripping wet she's become...wow this MILF is turned on! She tries out a couple more penetration toys, including one with a vibrator built in, then gets kinky with anal fingering and a buttplug. She keeps that anal toy inserted as she uses a large black magic wand vibrator on her clitoris, pleasuring herself until she has a nice big orgasm with her legs spread wide open to give a great view of her contractions! We see her finish off the day back outdoors flashing her boobs again, and we note how erect those nipples are as she shows them off out in public. Lexi Foxy is a beautiful and sensual woman with a tight toned body and tons of sex appeal, just the type of woman we love to see here on FTV MILFs!


Jul 3, 2018

46 mins

286 pics

We're introduced to lovely exotic ex-FTVGirl Tiffany Brookes in her workout gear indoors and she's soon showing off her fit athletic tanned body! She has cute petite boobies with very erect nipples - we note how instantly hard they are, like eraser heads - and long flowing dark hair as she undresses to spread her butt and give us a peek at her tight pink privates. She decides it's time for a little fingering fun and spreads her legs, touching herself with her fingertips before using a small cordless vibrator to achieve her first orgasm of the afternoon! Next is a textured beaded glass toy and a large blue dildo for a deeper, harder penetration...this MILF just loves to be fucked! Things get kinkier as she does a little panty stuffing with her black thong, making them entirely disappear in her hole and enjoying the sensation of the fabric inside her as she masturbates with another toy to orgasm, then pulls the panties back out again. Next it's time for double pleasure as she fucks herself with the blue toy and buzzes her clit with another magic wand vibrator, enjoying the ride to climax and back! The day ends with a drive around town as Tiffany does a little flashing, giving a look at those boobies and sliding her jogging pants down for full exposure to any passersby or other cars...this beautiful mature woman has a sultry exotic look and she's having fun sharing herself with you here as she returns to FTV, this time for MILFs!


Jun 26, 2018

63 mins

223 pics

Meet Verronica, a lovely leggy blonde with a fun attitude and an extremely sexy mature form...we first meet her here on FTV MILFs as she walks outdoors in a patterned blue dress, doing some risky flashing on the sidewalk as she reveals her perfect firm pert breasts! She's quite proud of her chest and loves to show it off, enjoying the FTV style public nudity and upskirts with no panties on before getting inside the car and touching her privates with her fingertips as a 'warmup'. Back at the house she undresses and we're treated to a guided tour of that beautiful fit slender body as she relaxes on a cushion, again using her fingertips to pleasure herself, then grabbing a magic wand type vibrator to bring herself to the first orgasm of the day, with squirting! Next is a larger black dildo for penetration and we watch as she fucks herself deeply with it, then rides on top enjoying the full sensation as we note how wet she becomes. After that it's time to lavish attention on those perfect boobs as she uses ice cubes to get her nipples rock hard, then enoying a hard breast massage and wow is that pair amazing! The last we see of Verronica she's slipping out of her red lingerie, spreading her legs to use the powerful vintage Vibraking toy along with a dildo for one last creamy squirting orgasm before we have to say goodbye. This is one sexy stunning MILF with the body we all desire, and she's got that perfect FTV look!


Jun 19, 2018

63 mins

308 pics

Meet beautiful dark haired Olive Glass, a woman with a sexy pinup look and the ideal MILF figure...we're introduced to Olive in a public parking lot and it doesn't take long before she's lowered the top of her dress to reveal those large perfect natural breasts! She also squats down to give us some nice upskirt views, then feels the call of nature so she pees...right there in the parking lot. This busty gorgeous woman isn't shy about flashing in public and puts on quite a show, FTV style, before heading back to the privacy of the house, fingering herself and letting her boobs remain out for anyone to see (with some hooting and hollering). Back inside we see her using her fingers to rub her private parts, keeping her boots on and getting herself warmed up as we note the wet sounds from her vagina. That's followed by vibration fun with the magic wand style toy, which she uses while fingering her hole for penetration as well enjoying the dual pleasure. She is desiring deeper penetration, though, so we next see her using a textured glass dildo to fuck herself with extreme closeups of her hairy pussy after and we note how wet she has become. After changing outfits she reaches for a larger black suction cup dildo, riding on top and taking it deep as she bounces on top, masturbating to another strong climax with squirting! Those large breasts need attention and we see her enjoying a hard breast massage, squeezing and rubbing them and pulling and stretching her sensitive nipples as well before moving to her shapely butt. To finish off the day of shooting with maximum pleasure she next reaches for the vintage Vibraking toy, and its powerful surges quickly bring her to another moaning orgasm...back outdoors we see her ready to leave us, but not before flashing those perfect breasts and showing her sheer white panties too! She's a gorgeous woman with a ton of sex appeal and a spectacular body, and she has a ton of fun shooting for us today here on FTV MILFs!


Jun 12, 2018

62 mins

281 pics

Helena is a lovely mature blonde who sports a short, modern hairstyle and who loves to show off her perky breasts and the rest of her sexy form, so she's a perfect fit for FTV MILFs! We first meet her outdoors in a businesslike blue outfit which opens up easily to allow plenty of flashing and public nudity teases, from exposing her breasts to pulling her panties aside to touch her privates...she's quite the risktaker! Back indoors she gets even more explicit and we see her completely nude, using her fingertips to masturbate to orgasm before reaching for TWO magic wand type vibrators at the same time for even more pleasure. Next up we see her using a large black dildo - we note how wet her vagina has become from all the play - which she uses to fuck herself, enjoying the deep penetration...but she was in the mood for more vibration! The ultimate in vibration toys is next to finish off the day of shooting, and we watch as the powerful Vibraking vintage toy works its magic on this lovely woman, bringing her to orgasm one last time. She hasn't been modeling in the adult industry for super long but is a beautiful blonde with a desirable body and she loves to share it here on FTV MILFs!


Jun 5, 2018

71 mins

279 pics

We're introduced to beautiful Lexi Luna on a very windy day as she relaxes outside in the sunshine wearing a cute black sunflower dress, spreading her legs slightly to give us an upskirt peek to show she has no panties on underneath! She's a busty beauty who loves to show off and soon is getting into the idea of public nudity, pulling her top down to show those large enhanced breasts and even fingering herself right out in the open. At a nearby park she continues the risky public play, flashing her butt and privates some more before heading back indoors to start the real fun! As someone who loves to be naked and who loves to pleasure herself, it doesn't take long before Lexi is completely nude on the kitchen counter fingering her vagina and we note the wet sounds as she penetrates herself fast...her pussy gets quite creamy and soon she's putting vibrating toys on her clitoris (including one which lost its charge) as she stimulates herself to orgasm! More penetration play is next, with gaping and spreading before she moves to anal pleasure with a jeweled buttplug, going for double penetration with that toy in her ass and one in her vagina while she uses the powerful Vibraking toy on her clitoris for a strong orgasm...a triple play! To relax she next indulges in a sensual hard breast massage, squeezing her large boobs with coconut oil before heading back outside for more flashing and to bid us farewell. Lexi is a stunning mature beauty with a desirable fit body and she loves all the kinky FTV style play in her shoot with us today!


May 29, 2018

77 mins

362 pics

She's a gorgeous leggy blonde with that desirable slender MILF form and when we meet Riley Reyes she's enjoying the day outside in her tight jeans and a yellow top. Soon she's flashing her perky boobs and that very shapely butt before heading back inside to get the fun started! We watch as she pulls her top down to massage her breasts, noting how erect her nipples become, then she slides her jeans down her thighs to slip a hand into her cute panties. She enjoys penetration and we see how creamy her hole gets as she fingers herself, before being handed a vibrating pink toy that brings her easily to orgasm! Riley also is a fan of anal sex and we next see as she slips one finger, then several, inside her butt to warm up before using a buttplug as she rubs herself to climax again...the toys get larger as she progresses, and she ends up stretching herself out with a large anal cone. A magic wand type vibrator is next after she changes into her blue thong panties, stretching herself out and doing a little fisting and stuffing the entire head of the toy inside herself for some surprisingly extreme play! The day ends as we see her back outside, giving some sexy upskirt peeks at her panties as she squats in bright red high heels before leaving us. Riley is a lovely woman with a spectacular body and we're invited to cum along for the ride right here on FTV MILFs!


May 22, 2018

61 mins

291 pics

We meet beautiful dark haired Texas MILF Allesandra as she relaxes outdoors on a picnic bench in a tight green dress, and we note that her nipples are already erect and straining against the fabric. We see her large all-natural 34D breasts and then she gives some upskirt peeks and we see that she has no panties on underneath! Back at the house we watch as she takes off her dress entirely to hang out in the nude, squeezing her boobs together and talking a little about her sexual preferences and masturbation habits before spreading her legs to touch herself with her fingertips, sliding them inside and moaning as we hear the wet sounds from inside as she brings herself to her first orgasm of the day. Next we see her using a pink vibrating toy to first stimulate her sensitive nipples, then buzzing her clit and penetrating herself with the head for dual pleasure, bringing herself to another climax...and then another using a very large double-ended dildo for penetration! We next watch as she walks into the room wearing tight blue jeans and a cute black top, looking casually sexy. Soon she has stripped down and is giving us a good look at those amazing 34D breasts, giving herself a hard massage with coconut oil and squeezing them together! Desiring a strong vibration toy she finds the vintage Vibraking toy and after changing into her white bra and panties she gives it a try, marveling at the super powerful toy...she gets naked to really try it out and brings herself to a strong orgasm, then another leg-shaking one as she uses the toy while penetrating herself with the pink toy from earlier!

Ainslee II

May 15, 2018

59 mins

280 pics

We welcome back Ainslee to FTV a year later as she drives her supercar through Las Vegas, pulling up her top to let her large breasts out and enjoying the sunshine and attention! We learn she had her breasts augmented a little since last time we saw her, going up to a size 32F which she feels is just right. After pulling over we see her walking around with her top pulled up for a little public flashing, then sitting in the open door of the car as she pulls off her jeans and puts on her sexy red dress with plenty of panty-less upskirt peeks. Next we see her back indoors using her fingertips to pleasure herself, rubbing her privates and getting more and more turned on, bringing herself to her first orgasm of the day, followed quickly by another one using a magic wand type vibrating toy! Afterwards she heads to the bedroom and we see her in a short silky white robe, wielding a large realistic ten inch dildo which she rides on top of, taking the entire shaft in her hole...and she fucks herself with the toy for yet another orgasm! Next it's time for some anal pleasure, starting with a finger in her butt to warm up before inserting a jeweled buttplug! She finds the vintage Vibraking toy for some major vibration stimulation...with the buttplug still inserted in her ass for extra pleasure! The powerful toy brings her to one last orgasm before she bids us goodbye...it was a pleasure seeing this ultra-MILF back again for another hot day of shooting here on FTV :)


May 8, 2018

61 mins

323 pics

We meet Sasha as she uses the candy dispenser to get her hands on some sweet treats, and we learn that she's a habitual masturbator and a big fan of anal play so she was definitely ready to get into the swing of things here on FTV! We see her slip her blue jeans down to flash her shapely butt, and we notice that she's been walking around with a jeweled buttplug inserted! She wanted to try something new so she started stuffing pieces of candy in her ass, seeing how many she could fit inside...afterwards she puts her buttplug back in and uses her fingertips to stimulate her clitoris, bringing herself to a standing orgasm in the kitchen! Keeping the plug in we see her move to the couch where she uses a vibrating toy on her pussy and stimulates herself anally at the same time, enjoying another strong orgasm. Still in the mood for anal play, she next starts fingering her asshole on the couch and then reaches for a large blue dildo for deep penetration. Next we see her in lacy red lingerie, pulling her panties up between her labia for a cameltoe and slowly teasing with them, sliding them off of her juicy butt with glimpses of her buttplug inside and then oiling herself up for a hard breast and butt massage. For one last masturbation session we see her using the magic wand type vibrator - still with her buttplug inserted - which brings her to another very strong orgasm! After her playtime we see her heading outdoors for a little hike in her stretchy black jogging pants and pink top which she pulls down to flash her breasts for some public nudity fun before saying goodbye. She's a beautiful, sensual, and very sexual blonde beauty who shares her love of anal with us as she has a fun day here on FTV MILFs!


May 1, 2018

68 mins

312 pics

She's a stunningly beautiful fashion plate and when we're introduced we see Milana in a very sexy black dress as she adjusts her hair and puts the finishing touches on her makeup. She was a makeup artist but had little to no modeling experience which is surprising giving her amazing good looks, but she certainly knows how to show off for the camera as we watch her hike up her skirt to give a peek at her privates beneath with no panties on, then masturbating with her fingertips! She was in the mood for a toy so we next see her using her own personal toy, a rather thick dildo with a vibrator inside which she uses to stimulate her clitoris as well as fuck herself on the kitchen counter bringing herself to a nice vocal orgasm. The next toy is a glass one with a heart shaped end which she uses for more penetration pleasure, bringing herself to another climax - with squirting! Afterwards we see her in purple lingerie in the bedroom, relaxing on the sheets and sensually touching herself with her fingertips, and we note how she flicks and pulls on her sensitive nipples. Next up is the powerful Vibraking vintage toy, which we first see used on her nipples and then on her swollen clitoris for pure orgasmic pleasure! To finish off the day we see her out in public, driving around and flashing those firm pert breasts and pulling her black panties aside to rub herself with her fingers again for not one but two more orgasms right there in the car! Milana is an incredible beauty with charm and grace, and is just starting out her journey in the adult industry with this red hot shoot for FTV MILFs.


Apr 24, 2018

45 mins

191 pics

This week's update begins with beautiful dark haired Jaclyn cozied up in bed on a cold rainy day, slipping off the covers and showing her lacy purple lingerie with no panties on beneath. Soon she has her legs spread open and is touching her pretty privates with her fingertips, talking about her clitoris as it becomes more swollen from the attention and pulling her sensitive nipples, masturbating to her first orgasm of the day! Next she finds a small black mini magic wand toy, first using it to stimulate her nipples and then moving down to her clit for more orgasmic pleasure, and we note her clitoris swelling even more. Next we see her in tight blue jeans, showing how well they fit her shapely butt - we notice her stunning mature form - then slipping them off to show off a sexy red thong before giving her 34D breasts a hard massage. Next she relaxes by the bright window, pouring coconut oil onto her body and rubbing it into her breasts and butt for massage pleasure. We also see her using the oil as lube, penetrating both her vagina and her butt with her fingertips until she has another climax! After that the camera goes on a tripod and we see her filming herself masturbating with a corded hitachi wand, orgasming again with noticeable vaginal contractions. In lieu of public nudity (due to the strong rain) we see her in the car showing off her large breasts, massaging them and pulling her nipples to hardness before bidding us goodbye. She's a dark, sultry, and very orgasmic beauty who knows her body well and who loves playing and exploring and of course sharing all the fun with us right here on FTV MILFs, even on a cold rainy day!


Apr 17, 2018

74 mins

268 pics

Blonde mature London has been modeling for a couple of years before getting into the adult industry and is still exploring things sexually, figuring what better place to do so than FTV? We see her open her red top, revealing her large 32DDD breasts in a lacy blue sheer bra...talking about her sexual preferences she reveals she enjoys some kink with anal and rough play. Next we see a hard breast massage as she plays with her erect and quite sensitive nipples, getting nude in the kitchen and hopping up onto the counter to spread her legs and touch herself with her fingertips and a magic wand toy which brings her to her first orgasm of the day, and we note how vocal her climaxes are! Afterwards we see her in black high heels (and nothing else) with a lineup of dildos to play with, starting with a blue one and we notice quickly how wet the sounds are from inside. After more orgasms from penetration and vibration we see her playing with her ass, fingering herself anally and then using the array of toys she had used for her vagina, even going two at once for double penetration! After her anal fun we see her outdoors in a red sun dress, unleashing her large breasts and enjoying the sunshine before sitting down and spreading her legs to play in public before saying goodbye. This beautiful and busty blonde babe enjoyed a very orgasmic afternoon, sharing her sexual adventures with us here on FTV!


Apr 10, 2018

54 mins

272 pics

With her piercing blue eyes and amazing exotic good looks, Ayumi is a showstoppingly hot woman with a beautiful body! We meet her as she sips her morning coffee and fills out her paperwork, introducing herself and we note how effortlessly charming and beautiful she is. She's been modeling for some time but has only been in the adult industry for a few months so this shoot is full of firsts for this Asian beauty. We see her flashing her large enhanced breasts and we see how instantly pert and erect her nipples are...and how perfect her smooth round butt is! We next watch as she tries on her new lingerie purchased for the occasion, admiring her reflection in the mirror. Next she hops up on the kitchen counter and experiences the cordless magic wand vibrator, buzzing herself first over her panties and then while naked bringing herself to a strong and very vocal orgasm! When she chooses out some penetration toys she pours coconut oil on them and also covers her own body, rubbing it in til her skin is slick and shiny before fucking herself with the dildos and we note the wet sounds she makes as she gets more turned on. Afterwards to warm up and get the oil off her skin she hops in the bathtub to soak, dropping in a fizzy bath bomb which turns the water an orangeish color before she slips her fingers inside herself splashing all over! At the end of the day we see her heading outdoors for a hike in her tight little spandex shorts, showing off that perfect butt as she walks up the hill...and of course flashing her firm boobs for a little public nudity, followed by some flashing in the car as she signed off. Ayumi is a stunning woman with a flawless body, and her enthusiasm and sexual energy are irresistable as she makes her FTV MILFs debut!


Apr 6, 2018

53 mins

181 pics

We're introduced to leggy babe Alora Jaymes as she walks around out in public, wearing a tight pair of jeans and a pair of mirrored sunglasses. We learn she's friends with some of the women who have been on FTV MILFs before so she was excited to have her own opportunity to model. Next we see her indoors and soon she's slipping off her bra to show her bouncy 32C breasts, then tugging off her jeans to show her thong panties. We watch as she starts rubbing her pussy through her panties, teasing herself and making herself nice and wet before even pulling them aside to finger herself and touch her clit! She was so turned on by her own teasing that she soon came just from the touch of her fingertips, then changed into a dress and high heels afterwards. She uses a magic wand vibrator and loevs the toy so much she uses it over her dress first, then slips out of her clothes to really get down to business and wow she is vocal about enjoying that toy! We watch as she puts the toy on its side and goes for a ride on top, grinding her privates against it while still wearing her heels...then she spreads her legs on her back and uses the toy to bring herself to another strong orgasm with squirting, her very first time! Next it was time for some butt play (which we learn she's a big fan of) and she starts with a finger inserted as she rubs her clit at the same time, then moving to a larger glass toy which she fucks herself with and does some spanking as well. Next we see her in red lingerie encountering the vintage Vibraking toy, and she's immediately blown away by its intense vibrations! She uses the toy over her panties at first again, then takes them off to masturbate to orgasm...with even more squirting! She's a funky, charismatic, and energetic MILF with a slender sexy body and she enjoys every moment of her shoot today right here on FTV MILFs!


Apr 3, 2018

39 mins

164 pics

A mature, fun-loving, sensual redhead, Annabelle meets us in the outdoors wearing a blue jersey dress and enjoying the sunshine out in a public park as she flashes her perky petite breasts, and we note that her nipples are instantly hard from the cool air as well as the excitement of public nudity. Back indoors we see her taking the top of her dress down to give herself a breast massage, then pulling her striped panties up inside her natural hairy labia for a cameltoe before slipping out of her clothes to show that shapely mature form. We next see her using her own personal bullet toy, controlling the speed with a dial and rubbing it against her sensitive clitoris until she had a nice standing orgasm! Afterwards she changes into her black panties, grabbing a handful of ice and using a cube to chill up her nipples to rock-hardness and then laying on the couch using her fingers to pleasure herself. She enjoyed vibration though and next found the vintage vibraking toy, marveling at its heft and of course its powerful vibrations on both her pussy and her ass hole ending up with another intense climax! To finish off the day we see her outdoors in a sports bra and jogging pants, flashing her boobs and butt again for us as she hikes up the public trail before bidding us goodbye.


Mar 27, 2018

80 mins

232 pics

We meet beautiful blonde Sydney in the car on her way to this FTV MILFs shoot and we learn that she's only been modeling for about a week! She's done lingerie photos but nothing like this before. We see her flashing her D-cup breasts as she is driven around, and notice that she's a bit shy and nervous about other drivers glancing over, but after a little bit we note that she definitely gets into the fun, especially when a semi truck pulls up alongside! Next we see her indoors after her adventure, taking off her wedges to show her feet - we learn she enjoys foot fetish - and then slipping off her black panties to touch herself with her fingertips. She lays back on the couch and uses her fingers to fuck herself and we note how wet she becomes, then she moves to a black magic wand vibrator which brings her to a strong orgasm, her first of the day! She had brought some sexy lingerie along to her shoot and wanted to try it on, so we next see her slipping on some high heels and her red lace lingerie, then the black one to show how hot they each look. Sticking a large black dildo to the floor with a suction cup, we watch as she rides on top and that toy fills her up deep! Next up is more vibration and this time she is given the powerful vintage Vibraking toy which brings her to another strong orgasm with contractions. Her breasts are treated to a hard massage with coconut oil, and we see how pert and firm they are, with nipples perfect for pulling and playing with! After that is time for kinky anal pleasure, starting out with fingers and quickly moving to a red toy which we see her slide inside with her legs above her head. She moves to a textured glass toy which she keeps in her ass while she masturbates with a vibrating toy, also using it for some double penetration! Heading back outdoors we next see her in tight spandex workout gear and a sports bra, flashing her breasts for some public nudity fun and giving us some spreads as well, doing some jumping jacks and showing off her tight fit form. Sydney is a lovely mature blonde with a sexy tight fit body and she opens up to share her strong sexuality with us here on FTV MILFs!


Mar 20, 2018

53 mins

256 pics

Tall leggy Lola was worn out from her long drive to make it to her shoot but she was excited to shoot for FTV, and we are quickly treated to a close up look at her very shapely firm natural breasts as she drops her dress and then tweaks her nipples, and we notice how she spends extra time with the very sensitive tips of her nipples. She bends over to show her perfect Latina butt, laying back and pulling her long labia with her fingertips before spreading her legs and masturbating, and we note her natural juices flowing from her hole as she plays! Next she changes into cutoff white mini-shorts and a colorful top, showing her sexy walk and then taking off her sparkly high heel shoes before bending over to touch her pink privates. She then inserts a long glass toy, keeping it held inside her vagina while she uses her fingertip to rub her clitoris and then trades it in for her own vibrator which she uses the masturbate to orgasm! Craving more vibration, we next see her meeting the powerful vintage Vibraking toy in bed, and we note that it's very nearly too strong for her to comfortably use! To finish off the day of shooting we see her outdoors for some public nudity fun, flashing upskirt peeks while trucks drive nearby before she bids us goodbye for now. She's a sexy sultry Latina with a great body, who was excited to try new things and show off here on FTV!


Mar 13, 2018

67 mins

224 pics

She's a leggy, verbal, effortlessly lovely woman and when we first meet Star she's in jeans and high heels filling out her paperwork. After slipping out of her jeans we see her red thong panties and learn that she loves the sensation of having the fabric pulled up against herself, even while masturbating. We watch her start to rub herself with her fingertips, pulling her panties over to one side to gain access to her pink clitoris. Her fingertips give way to a cordless black magic wand type vibrator, and we watch her playing with it - we note her panties pulled up inside her vagina - bringing herself to two strong natural orgasms! We next see her in sexy sheer black lingerie, slowly removing it and then using a beaded glass toy for penetration pleasure. She wanted more vibration though, so she grabs the powerful vintage Vibraking toy which she uses along with the glass toy for intense sensations! Next we see her in front of a sheer white curtain framed against the bright sunlight, spreading her butt open and using coconut oil on her hole before inserting a thick glass buttplug...she loves anal pleasure and enjoys gaping from behind as well as penetration, talking dirty as she fucks herself with her fingers and toys and orgasming again. Next she heads outdoors for a jog and we see her stretching out in her tight workout gear, flashing her boobs as cars drive right past on the road. Star is certainly well-named with her sexual nature and ease in front of the camera, and we are treated to a guided tour of her sexy form today right here on FTV MILFs!


Mar 6, 2018

108 mins

219 pics

She's a tall, leggy, beautiful woman with fashion model features and we meet her as she's checking herself out in the mirror while preparing for her shoot. As she lowers her top and takes off her bra we hear her talk about how much she enjoys masturbation and she gives herself a brief breast massage, feeling how instantly erect her nipples become. Next we see her up on the kitchen counter using a small black magic wand style vibrator on her pretty privates, enjoying the buzzing sensations with a nice long masturbation session in multiple positions, finally bringing herself to orgasm! Next we see her with a collection of her butt toys, ranging from a small buttplug to a large glass dildo and thick black toy as well. We see her start with a finger first, penetrating herself anally and then graduating to the plug followed by the much larger textured glass toy. She fucks herself with the dildo, using the spiraled ridges almost like a corkscrew for deep penetration and gives us some great angles of the action as she uses a vibrating toy on her clit at the same time! We next see her moving up to the larger black toy, sliding it into her ass and then slowly pulling it out for anal gaping, then riding on top to take it as deep as possible. Introducing a blue suction cup toy to the mix she inserts both for some DP fun as well and we note how much she enjoys the dual pleasure! Heading upstairs we see her stick the suction cup to a glass wall, bending over to ride it from behind - we note her use of the vibration tool again as well - then riding the toy on the stairs while using a magic wand vibrator. We next see her alone with the camera on a tripod as she uses two toys - again, with one in her ass and one vibrating on her clitoris - for masturbation and after a long session of pleasure she brings herself to an intense orgasm! To finish off the day we see her outdoors in a parking garage for some public nudity, showing off her cute butt and then spreading on a nearby stairway before heading off to avoid security guards. Taylor is a gorgeous, slender woman with a lithe and flexible body and as we see here she LOVES anal sex...a stunning addition to FTV MILFs!


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