Feb 16, 2016

47 mins

440 pics

Stunning exotic Spanish MILF Alexa has flown in to do her first FTV shoot and wow, this woman is gorgeous from head to toe. We first see her outdoors, stripping out of her blue lingerie in front of the house before changing into a bikini and going for a quick dip in the was very chilly so she didn't stay in long but it did make her nipples incredibly hard and perky! She relaxed on a deck chair, peeling out of her bikini to play with her privates, penetrating herself vaginally and then anally with her fingers and giggling...this exotic beauty was amazingly enthusiastic and fun and very natural, despite a language barrier due to her speaking very little English and me speaking very little Spanish. What could have been a stumbling block turned into a cute (and very sexy) quirk with her accent as she spoke about herself and about how she was enjoying the shoot. Going inside the house Alexa was left alone with the VibraKing and was quick to bring herself to a strong, natural orgasm! We are also able to enjoy her dancing as she put on some music she enjoyed and danced in the nude, unashamed and not at all self-conscious in front of the camera...enjoy watching that beautiful toned fit body of hers! We also had a suction cup toy and Alexa thought it would be fun to stick it to a car hood and play with it, so she simulated oral sex showing her skills and sensuality before going for a hard deep ride on about a hood ornament! Later on we went for a hike where Alexa had fun getting a little daring, flashing her perky breasts and pert butt when she felt like she could get away with it and doing a little jogging as well. Have fun watching this beautiful, exotic and very personable MILF -- she'll have you reaching for your old Spanish homework to brush up a little, just in case :)


Feb 9, 2016

65 mins

296 pics

She's a beautiful woman who has been on FTV before, and is making her return 7 years later! We meet up with Jana as she puts on makeup, then puts her nice firm breasts on display as she gives herself a hard breast massage. Her breasts are a little larger than they were in her FTV debut but have lost none of their perky firmness, and note how erect her nipples are already! After stripping nude, giving a hard butt massage and enjoying the feeling of her hands all over her body, using the first toy of the day which is a glass dildo with a heart-shaped end - she tried stuffing the heart-shaped end but couldn't quite manage - which we see her playing with nice up close and personal. She got to revisit her past experiences with the Vibraking toy, which was too powerful for her in the past but now that she understood her body better she was able to have plenty of fun. After a rest and some anal exploration with her fingers we see her playing with a mirror, kissing her own reflection before inserting a jeweled buttplug and penetrating her vagina at the same time for some deep double penetration masturbation to orgasm. She even got to explore some fantasies of having male 'equipment' as she inserted the base end of a long flexible blue dildo in her privates, shaking the other end around like a helicopter before fucking her own ass with it - note how wet she gets as she experiments anally - before heading out of doors to get naked in public. After a close shave with the police she headed back inside, cooling off with some yoga and stretching before calling it a day...welcome Jana back to FTV after a long absence, she's a very sexual and beautiful woman with a great body who loves to explore it and have plenty of fun here on FTV MILFs!


Feb 2, 2016

75 mins

310 pics

We meet up with this absolutely gorgeous Lithuanian beauty as she walks around outdoors, doing a little flashing of those perfect 32D natural breasts (the first of many public flashes today for this adventurous woman!) as she plays with her nipples and squeezes them together. She is apparently quite comfortable with the idea of being nude outdoors, stripping out of her capri pants and her panties to bend over and play with her privates, giving a look at every inch of her body. Next it was time for some toys, and she used a long flexible blue toy and a glass dildo to pleasure herself before moving on to something stronger...the vintage vibrator! We see her trying that strong heavy toy out, then moving to a magic wand toy that she used to buzz all over her vagina - note how pink and puffy her labia became from all the attention - bringing her to a strong natural orgasm. Heading inside, she put on some very sexy red lingerie and revealed that she had a bit of a secret, namely a jeweled buttplug inserted in her ass! She spread her legs for some extreme closeups of that anal toy, "winking" her butthole as well. Next up was some yoga as she showed how she likes to keep fit and trim and flexible, stretching her legs out and giving us a nice look at her strong yet soft body...the exercise and excitement coupled with the heat of the day prompted a move back outdoors to cool down with a few icecubes, rubbing them all over her body as she gave herself a nice hard breast massage and played with the cubes. After a break for food at an outdoor cafe where she dipped one nipple into her salad for fun, she had to "go" and had a little impromptu semi public pee right on the walkway! She finished off the day of shooting with a little more public flashing, waving goodbye and scampering off. Tina is a complete stunner from head to toe, a beautiful busty and sexually enthusiastic woman who loves to have fun, and that means she was just perfect for FTV MILFs!


Jan 19, 2016

53 mins

134 pics

When we meet up with this fit beautiful blonde she's looking cute and casual in a tight white semi-sheer shirt and denim shorts with black sneakers on...this woman has a youthful vibe to her and is excited to be shooting for a site like FTV! When she slips out of her clothing we see that she obviously works out often and is health-conscious when it comes to diet, and it shows with her sexy tight fit body, particularly her great butt. Sierra is an athletic hottie who loves to masturbate daily as stress relief, rubbing her clit with her fingers here before switching to a glass toy - note how she can push the toy in and out using just her vagina muscles - and then on to the vintage vibrator which brings her to a strong leg-shaking orgasm! After some anal penetration with a vibrating toy she heads outside for some public nudity, flashing her nice perky breasts on a public hiking trail where you can see how erect her nipples are from the cold and from the excitement. Back in the car she is licking a lollipop and penetrates herself with it before tasting her own juices from the candy before a fond farewell! Sierra is a beautiful, strong, fit MILF who takes great care of her body...her comfort and relaxed attitude made for a fun and sexy shoot here on FTV MILFs, with Sierra achieving multiple strong natural orgasms. Enjoy!


Jul 31, 2015

68 mins

214 pics

At 31 years old, beautiful Latina babe Mercedes (known in the industry as Mercedes Carrera) seems quite comfortable with herself...she's experienced quite a bit and has figured out how her body likes to be touched and how she likes to interact with others. That's the beauty of working with these types of MILF women! We meet up with Mercedes on a cool rainy day as she sips her coffee, then flashes her big 32DD breasts in public. Back at the house she shows off her sexy green lingerie, pulling her panties up between her labia and then masturbating with her fingers as well as a glass toy, bringing herself to a nice vocal orgasm. Mercedes gets fairly kinky here, doing some veggie stuffing with a zucchini and practicing her oral techniques and then spraying whipped cream on her breasts for a messy treat! Next she headed out on the lake on the boat, steering around while topless and masturbating at the same time...this feisty Latina is vocal and not very shy in public, she's quite intelligent and that meshes in well with her beauty and sexy sensual body for this hot FTV MILFs shoot!


Jul 27, 2015

65 mins

317 pics

Say hello to a beautiful, intelligent, personable 36 year old MILF named Cherie! Her full modeling name is Cherie Deville, you may have seen her on a few other sites but she wanted to shoot for FTV after hearing how much fun it was and also having a desire to do some outdoor shoots (a rarity for her). We meet up with Cherie on a cool crisp morning as she sips her coffee, wandering around an outdoor mall where she flashes those big 32DD enhanced breasts! Back at the house she plays with her boobs and then shows her mesmerizing bootyshake before using a big thick dildo to pleasure herself, penetrating her vagina to get all wet. Trading in the vibrator for a glass toy she slid it all over her body, teasing and then using it vaginally as well as anally...and then comes the Vibraking! Showing the power of the vibrations Cherie started playing with the toy, bringing her to a nice squirting orgasm that drenches the nearby videographer. After that she headed outdoors, washing a motorcycle and talking about herself a little before spraying the cold water over her breasts, getting her nipples nice and erect! For the rest of the afternoon she was out on the lake, driving around on the boat in public completely nude, flashing those boobs and her shapely butt as well as masturbating. Before leaving us she showed her love of video games, bouncing on a yoga ball topless and playing a game while she was supposed to be doing her paperwork! Cherie is a beautiful, sensual MILF who is extremely personable and loves to laugh, loves to tease and loves to play...and that means one hot update here on FTV MILFs!


Jul 24, 2015

66 mins

139 pics

She's a gorgeous, busty woman who loves vibration and is always up for some fun...I got the feeling that there was a lot more to Brooklyn than meets the eye, she seems like a woman who took some time to "grow into" herself so to speak but was finally comfortable in her own skin and was ready to show off for the world! Brooklyn shoots porn for a living but was able to fulfill the First Time experience in a big way, namely having her very first real orgasm recorded on video! We met Brooklyn on the docks, and it was a pleasure watching her unzip her jacket and do a little flashing in public with her see-through top, as well as pulling it down to show off those big 32G enhanced breasts in all their glory. Brooklyn was wearing tight jeans that hugged her very nice butt and she showed that off as well before getting on the boat and heading out onto the water with me for a fun afternoon out in the open. We see her lounging on the bench in her high heel shoes with her breasts out, then slipping out of her jeans to get some extreme closeups of her shaved vagina as well as shots of Brooklyn relaxing in the cabin totally nude. Back on shore she used the Vibraking to bring herself to a strong, natural orgasm as well as giving the FTV Blue Monster Toy a try as a bit of a size challenge, before massaging those big full breasts and pulling on her labia in public in a skirt. Before we said goodbye to Brooklyn she wanted to get into a little more public nudity so we went to a convenience store where she flashed her large boobs and her butt too, basically right out in the open! Brooklyn was a lot of fun and I could tell she was enjoying putting her personality out there, and with her sexy body I felt she was perfect for FTV MILFs.


Jul 18, 2015

44 mins

300 pics

Today we celebrate the return of Chloe after 8 years away from FTV...she's here to show she's just as hot as she was when she was 19, just in a more mature and certainly voluptuous way! It's been 6 or 7 years since she did any modeling at all so this is a very special treat just for FTV MILFs. When we meet up with Chloe she's wearing a sexy professional outfit with a secretary style top and skirt that match with her glasses very well. She walks around a public office area, flashing her large breasts and giving some upskirt views as well, before heading inside for a nice hard breast massage. She then takes the magic wand toy and spreads her legs, masturbating to a nice natural orgasm before heading back outside, finding a public bench to show her boobs and play with a little pink toy, showing off her pretty pink privates up close and personal. The following day she was wearing a cute flowing white dress and went to a public fountain, splashing in the water and trying some panty stuffing before giving up and using a big thick dildo to penetrate herself instead - dropping it into the water and nearly losing it! - and showing how sexy that mature body looks dripping wet. Next it's off to the park where Chloe goes for a topless run, her big breasts bouncing in the sun before finding a nearby gazebo where she gets totally nude and plays with some large toys, riding them and penetrating herself for some public masturbation to a strong natural orgasm while a crowd at a football game close by cheered! A little more flashing of those big lovely boobs and it was time to say goodbye. A legend from the FTV archives, back again to blow us away with her personality and beauty...enjoy!


Jul 8, 2015

37 mins

244 pics

Brand new to the adult industry, 41 year old Raquel came to FTV straight from Texas to try her hand...she has done many fitness competitions and has done some bikini modeling but nothing like this before. She started out flashing her big breasts in semi public, then headed inside to play with the glass toy - rubbing it on herself and then inserting it. Next came some anal exploration as she inserted a buttplug, before using the vintage vibrator to masturbate to a strong natural milky orgasm. Back outside she showed her bikini form next to the pool, playing with the water a little before going for a run on the trail, pulling up her top to show off those big full firm enhanced breasts! This Southern MILF is incredibly fit and tight and had a great time shooting for FTV, she had a very natural feeling about her personality and was open to trying just about everything...a fantastic MILF!


Jul 6, 2015

63 mins

305 pics

She's busty, free-spirited, sensual and VERY vocal when it comes to pleasure...we meet Samantha Grace as she walks to an outdoor cafe in her sun dress, doing a little public flashing of those big 34DD enhanced breasts and seeing that she has no panties on. Next we head inside where she uses her hands to pleasure herself, showing her favorite spots to touch and then using a magic wand vibrator until she has multiple giggling, moaning orgasms! Back outside Samantha plays in an outdoor fountain area, splashing her feet and cooling herself with the water while flashing us...then right back inside the house where she massages her breasts with coconut oil before a little anal experimentation with one finger, then two. Some more public nudity and flashing on a bench outside leads to an impromptu masturbation to orgasm...right out in the open! To finish off the day Samantha finds an outdoor spigot and fills her water bottle, pouring it all over her breasts and vagina before some more public masturbation while a janitor works very nearby. Samantha is definitely daring, and really gets into the FTV style of shooting with that soft, curvy sensual figure!


Jun 30, 2015

51 mins

243 pics

For the first Hardcore shoot here on FTV MILFs I wanted to make sure I got just the right woman and I think Veronica fit the bill nicely! She's mature, beautiful, extremely horny and is fairly uninhibited, at least behind closed doors. She has very large enhanced breasts, a nice round butt and a vagina that gets wet very easily as you'll see when she masturbates, bringing herself to a squirting orgasm right away! This was just the warmup though, so when the guy showed up at the house she practically ran to the door to welcome him inside...fully nude. The guy was obviously thrilled to be there, he was all smiles as he explored Veronica's body with his hands before getting down to business...Veronica had mentioned how large the guy was "down there" and couldn't keep her hands off him as he undressed! These two obviously enjoyed each others' company and I tried to capture some of the intimacy, there were certainly sparks flying as they fucked and by the end of the afternoon's shoot Veronica was one happy MILF. This woman has the body of a dream and the looks and sex appeal of a modern-day Marilyn Monroe, I think you'll enjoy this first foray into Hardcore on FTV MILFs!

Blonde And Boisterous

Jun 16, 2015

57 mins

221 pics

Aaliyah is a former FTV Girls model who was bubbly, fun and very cute with a nice open smile and a great attitude about sex...she wasn't too shy about getting naked in public and had fun teasing passersby with her perky breasts, putting on a nice show flashing her boobs and butt and trying to keep a low profile despite her giggles. Back indoors I got some extreme closeups of her vagina as she spread her labia and did some insertions with a big glass toy, getting quite wet inside. When she tried the Vibraking it was almost too much, but it did bring her to a very vocal orgasm with visible contractions, which I tried to get a nice close look at despite her movements. Aaliyah was very playful and was willing to get a little kinky with some panty stuffing, pushing her little purple panties all the way inside her vagina before pulling them out again. Back outside she had fun masturbating in the open, trying not to cause too much of a stir from cars driving by as she explored a bit of anal fingering before showing her talent, 'winking' her butthole for the camera! Aaliyah was a great return model with lots of energy and lots of sexual energy as well.

Fun & Foxy

Jun 15, 2015

70 mins

202 pics

Cassandra is a prior FTV Girls model who was keen to come back for another had been eight years but her body was still just as sexy as ever! We started off indoors so she could try out some of the toys I brought, starting things off with her fingers as I got some extreme closeups of her vagina as she got more and more wet inside. Soon she was ready to try the toys, she enjoyed them all but I think her favorites were the Eroscillator toy and the Magic Wand which apparently she normally uses at home by lying on top on her stomach...she used it in a little more camera-friendly manner here with her legs spread and had a nice strong orgasm which left her clit swollen and throbbing. We also get some nice views of her butt as she gets into some anal penetration, this woman certainly isn't afraid of anal and is very proud of her butt! After that we headed out to lunch at an outdoor cafe where Cassandra lifted up her legs a little to show some upskirt shots of her lack of panties, but our shooting was attracting some attention so we left fairly quickly. Near an office outdoors she tried using a buttplug that has a squirrel tail attached to it, she thought it was pretty funny especially when an actual squirrel came over and got very curious, staring at her as she was on her knees! It was great having Cassandra back for another shoot, she has nice full natural breasts and a relaxed, casual attitude while staying adventurous and fun throughout the day.

Feeling Frisky

Jun 5, 2015

50 mins

343 pics

I don't know that I have ever seen a girl as perpetually horny as Christie...we hadn't even gotten to the house yet when she asked me to pull over so she could masturbate, apparently just the thought of our shoot later was getting her all turned on! Luckily I had the camera already handy so I was able to record it as she spread her legs, playing with herself and getting very wet and milky inside. I had the feeling that even if I didn't have the camera she would have been playing there on the side of the road, she was that horny. When we got to the house Christie changed into her thong panties and bra, then stripped down and gave herself a hard breast massage with some nipple play, licking herself and then doing some extreme closeups with vaginal gaping. Christie had brought her own toy and masturbated with it, bringing herself to orgasm with her penetration. Notice how milky and wet she still is, her vagina was pretty much perpetually wet all day long! She also tried out the Vibraking which brought her to another strong orgasm, followed by more gaping to give us a nice look at the inside of her pink privates. Later we took a short cruise on the boat, and Christie took the opportunity to get nude and use another glass toy on herself, along with some anal fingering. To finish off the day we went out on the hiking trail so Christie could do some topless jogging, then show us some of her favorite stretches although it was starting to get quite chilly, making her nipples perky.

Sexy Squirter

Jun 4, 2015

58 mins

319 pics

Right away I knew this girl Nadia was going to be a good time...she was comfortable and laughing as soon as she sat down at the outdoor cafe with me, and wasn't afraid to flash her breasts and gave some fun upskirts to show that she didn't have any panties on. I knew she was ready for some fun so we took a walk, with Nadia flashing her boobs every chance she got and then finding a stairway to get totally nude on to spread her legs and masturbate. She was already extremely wet down there and really wanted to get into some fun with the FTV toys so after a hard breast massage with oil we headed inside, where she was introduced to the VibraKing. I was surprised how fast she orgasmed with the toy but some women just love that strong vibration and apparently Nadia is one of them! She squirted right away and that was just the first of many squirts throughout the her interview later Nadia talked about how she realized she was a squirter, at first she was embarassed and cried every time it happened but eventually she realized how much fun it could be! You fans of squirting are in for quite a treat with this woman. Her vagina was very sensitive after multiple squirting orgasms so we took a short break, which is when Nadia mentioned how much she loves DP. She inserted the squirrel tail buttplug and then played with a glass dildo while rubbing her clitoris, she seemed to really love the double penetration even though it was quite a tight fit. After that she attempted to fist herself since she was so wet inside, but it was a little too tight...she did manage to insert four fingers but couldn't quite do the whole fist, though she gave it a good try. We then headed to the park where she showed her skills as a golfer, stuffing a golf ball in her vagina and popping it out to try to make it into the cup! She made one but the others got away, notice she even squirted a little just from her contractions to pop the balls out...after some topless cartwheels in the park we called it a day, but this was a great shoot with a very horny MILF who was up for pretty much anything from anal to stuffing to squirting in public, Nadia had a great time.

Sexual Blonde

May 23, 2015

48 mins

230 pics

It was a little chilly outside but that didn't stop beautiful blonde MILF Niki from heating things up in this, her first FTV shoot! Initially shy, Niki was one of those women who seems a little reserved until you get to know her and then the floodgates open...she ended up being full of personality and with those perky natural 34C breasts and nice firm butt she looks stunning as she strips nude and does some public play, flashing her breasts while she drinks her morning coffee before going inside and masturbating for us. She doesn't masturbate much on her own so it took some experimentation to figure out what made her tick, but once she got the hang of it we were treated to some nice natural orgasms...especially when she tried out the Vibra King toy! Those powerful vibrations stimulated her clitoris and took her by surprise with their strength, but apparently she loved the feeling because it gave her a huge shuddering orgasm with squirting. Niki ventured back outside and got completely nude to play with the water hose, spraying her vagina and her breasts to make her nipples rock hard before putting on some stretch pants and going for a topless run through the desert. Enjoy watching this beautiful MILF who has not only beauty but also lots of personality!

Openly Orgasmic

May 16, 2015

44 mins

122 pics

Holly is one of those women who is pretty much perpetually horny, and who doesn't need much 'warming up' before really getting into some playtime. Right off the bat she was on the couch touching herself through her sheer panties, slipping her fingers into her vagina and talking about how wet it thing you'll notice right away is that this woman is one dirty talker! She kept up a pretty constant stream of commentary during the shoot, I think it got her even more turned on than she already was. Holly was playing with herself her way using her fingers, but once the Vibraking got involved she really responded, even forgetting to talk dirty for awhile and losing herself in the moment. We get some nice closeup views of her having multiple strong shaking shuddering orgasms which got her very vocal, almost screaming as she had strong orgasmic looks like the Vibraking has claimed another convert! After her orgasms I got some extreme closeups as she played with a large pink dildo and attempted some DP using it and a glass toy, but by then her clitoris was getting very sensitive so Holly had to take it a little easy. Later on we ventured outside with Holly wearing a dress and heels, but of course no panties...she brought the Blue Monster toy wiht her and sat on some stairs out in the open, penetrating herself with it and of course talking dirty too! After some more masturbation near a brick wall I decided to shoot some upskirts but we were getting some attention by then so we had to leave before security was called, so we decided to head out to a hiking trail so Holly could get a little workout in...she loves to hike and run and had fun jogging around topless, showing her big full breasts as she ran and played and bounced in the sunlight to finish up the day! Holly is an incredibly sexual woman and I think she had a great time, she seemed to particularly enjoy being naughty in public and hiking in nature topless.


Mar 28, 2015

48 mins

131 pics

She's a blonde from Texas, and she has some really big, natural (and very firm) breasts! Even in her casual blue dress her beautiful pair stands out as the main attraction. Talking a little about herself, and how her breasts have 'grown' over the years, she pulls them out of her bra and shows them off. Eventually she's all naked, and playing with a vibrator on the steps. She even uses the vibraking, but needs some warming up... On the bed she jumps around, watch those breasts bounce! She then gives them a nice hard breast massage, squeezing them as hard as she can. Big breast lovers enjoy how she plays with them! She gets back to masturbating with a pink vibrator, until she has her orgasm. We get extreme closeups of her private parts, then have her stuff her cute white panties inside her! Visiting the pool, she's in a cute bikini, which barely covers her big breasts, and no sooner does it come off. She runs around the hot tiles while we watch those breasts bounce some more. She exercises and does yoga, so she shows off some of her moves... topless of course!


Jan 24, 2015

83 mins

157 pics

This mature hottie visits us from Houston, Texas with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement about doing adult for the first time in her life! Morning at a breakfast place she does a topless interview (and she's very talkative!) and then heads out to a busy hiking trail. Stretching and climbing topless, she seems very casual about letting her big breasts out as hikers pass by! Then her bottoms come off, and she's fingering herself on the mountain! She catches the attention of a very persistent hiker who wants to know more about her... Back home she masturbates with several different vibrators for a very lengthy masturbation session that ends up giving her foot cramps and a rush! Very wet inside, her juices start to flow down and out of her vagina. Then in a very sexy dress & heels, she gives us upskirt teases and shows of that full, firm butt... Finding a zucchini, she starts penetrating herself with it (and its the biggest thing she's ever had in her!). Back to some more masturbation at home, and an outfit change (with extreme butt closeups) and some sexy shoe heel stuffing (with her favorite & most expensive shoes). She cools down at the pool and says her goodbyes... Her first time shoot and very likely exclusive to FTV.


Jan 17, 2015

59 mins

145 pics

She's a mature, but petite woman who is rather conservative on the surface, but very sexual in her private life. Working at an office job, this total first timer comes to FTV to try out some extreme things... We see her in her work wear at start, then see her masturbate to orgasm -- with very strong visible vaginal contractions. Wet inside, she spreads and gapes really wide for us, then starts pushing more fingers in... until she near-fists herself! Then bringing out one of the largest summer squashes we've found, she pushes it in with difficulty, but manages to get most of the wide part completely inside her! The thing is huge... Watch her use her vaginal muscles to push it out, then gape some more. Then we try multi-colored ping pong balls, and she manages to stuff six of them inside her! Pushing them out one by one on the glass table, then on top, we get so see them roll out from inside as she spreads wide. Then she moves to the FTV Monster toy, riding it at first, then pounding herself with it as deep as it can go. This warms her up for the FTV Toy, which she then rides some more, and it makes her gape even further. To finish, she uses the vibraking toy -- and it brings her to several strong orgasms, making her vagina push in and out, which also makes her vagina 'queef' multiple times. New to adult, she's having this experience for FTV only.


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